Monday, 24 January 2011

Sunday 1-Hour Spree

Yesterday I fancied a bit of a shop. I had been thinking of venturing to Liverpool again (after being amazed at the beginning of January!), but due to Saturday night, I wasn't feeling quite up for the hour and a half drive!

So, left things a bit late and then decided to go to Telford (which is about 10 mins drive up the M54). Less petrol, and only £1 parking.

I had a small list, and just about 1 hour to run from store to store!
I think I did pretty good, got most things off my list...and a load of extras...! All was well, until I worked out how much I had actually spent :-|'s a pic of my purchases :)
Black & white top, bird top/dress, bag, Cherry Coke lipbalm & (AMAZING) platform shoes - Primark
Skirt - New Look
Aviators - River Island
Magic Mushroom Bubble Bar - Lush (of course!)
The Sound of Dubstep 2 & Nicki Minaj 'Pink Friday' - HMV
Nail varnishes, Vaseline, Dove & body scrub - Superdrug
Just a bit to add: I am in LOVE with the platforms (wanted some like this for ages and they are a great fit! and with a lovely scale/snake effect on platform and heel!), the Cherry Coke lipbalm actually smells AND tastes of Cherry Coke <3 and Pink Friday is AMAZING!!! Nicki Minaj <3