Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween :)

I LOVE fancy dress and Halloween is always great!

I tend to go more gory than cutesie at Halloween, it's all about the gore ;-)

I thought I'd share with you all some of my Halloween costumes from recent years...

2006 - Witch

2007 - Pumpkin

2008 - Dead Barbie 

I took Ken with me ^

The end of the night ^ I took my fake blood out, that's never good when drinking, I ended up covered in it, lol!

2009 - Vampiress

Eyes and photo colour edited ^

2010 - Dead Bride

and 2011...

Tonight 'Matthew' I am going to be...


Photo to follow later on ;-)

Did you go out over the weekend/Are you going out tonight?
What have you dressed as this Halloween??

If you are going out tonight, have a great Halloween!
If you are staying in, have a nice night in!


Saturday, 29 October 2011

Pretty Excited :)

Hey girlies

Hope you are having a fab weekend!

I went 'window' shopping in Chester this afternoon (torture!) with my sister. We were later welcomed home by our parents (who had been away on a little break) presenting me with my first Christmas present (yes, nearly 2 months early!)...

More to follow :)


Friday, 28 October 2011

More from Boots...Star Gift of the Week and Other Findings!

Hey girlies :)

IT'S FRIIIDAAAY!! The weekend is here, no work for 2 days, YAY!

So this morning I received an email from Boots, and had COMPLETELY forgotten it was time for the new Star Gift of the Week! Silly me opened the email and wished I hadn't (though I would have seen the gift anyway!).

Well...I can announce to you that the new SGotW is...

Ted Baker Make it Big Vanity Case
£19 from £40 (Better Than Half Price!)

I was looking at this during the Advantage Card Event on Wednesday and told my sister I really liked it, particularly for the case! Those who have been following my blog may have discovered that I am a sucker for fancy packaging!!
During the event I bought 3 Ted Baker minis, which are in this case, BUT IN BIG SIZES!!
Oh wants!!

I went in to Boots at lunch and as soon as I walked in I was greeted by about 20 cases to my left, and a table with about another 20 on and under (and some Celebrations!) to my right!
I must have spent about 10 minutes standing, looking at the case before deciding to 'leave for now'.
I had a quick nose around and spotted Harajuku Lovers perfumes are on offer (see lower down this post), sprayed one (which I can't remember) but it smelt lovely! I can still smell it now!
Anyway, I went to the till, avoiding all these obstacles on my way to pay for lunch and as I got to the till I was face-to-face with another bunch of the cases, damn you Boots!! I ALMOST said to the girl on the till 'I'll have one of these too, please!' but managed to stop myself!

Now, enough rambling, on to the case itself...

Inside the gorgeous case are the following products:
(information from Boots website)
  • Butterfly Wings Body Wash - 250ml - a rejuvenating body wash to leave your skin smoothe and supple

  • Butterfly Wings Body Lotion - 200ml - This soothing body lotion is the perfect complement to our rejuvenating body wash, so spread your wings and soar with its delicate infusion of bergamot, red fruit, tuberose and patchouli.

  • Butterfly Wings Body Spray - 150ml - feel fresh all over, all day with this beautiful body spray

  • Butterfly Wings Body Scrub - 300ml - fluttery will get you everywhere these days, so revive your skin with this sumptuous body scrub, delicately fragranced with an opulent mix of bergamot, red fruit, tuberose and patchouli

  • Origami Bath Foam - 250ml - relax after a hard day's work (or hard day of shopping!) with this wonderful bath foam

  • Origami Body Souffle - 300ml - true to form, Ted has created an opulent Body Souffle to moisturise and nourish your skin. Fragranced with rose and sandalwood, enhanced with fruity raspberry and soothing vanilla, it was crafted with you in mind

  • Origami Body Spray - 150ml - feel fresh all over, all day with this beautiful body spray

  • The case will be available until next Thursday, both in store and online at this link.

    and now for the rest... 

    Harajuku Lovers Wicked Collection
    30ml Was £20 Now £10
    Harajuku Lovers Wicked & Sunshine Cuties Collections
    10ml Was £15.32 Now £7.50

    The next thing I discovered, well my sister discovered...was in the Boots Health & Beauty magazine that I picked up on my lunch break today. I can't find photos of these and didn't see them in store, but keep your eyes open girls ;-)

    Dove/Nails Inc Offer
    Spend £6 on Dove Hand & Body Lotions or Deodorants and get 2 free Nails Inc nail varnishes (4ml, worth £10 collectively).
    The nail varnishes are Limited Edition shades Mulled Wine and Pink Fizz.
    Offer ends 27th December.

    Just to add, I am not sponsored by Boots to say any of this...I just LOVE that shop! Though it is bad for the little money I have left after bills every month!

    Anyone else have a Boots obsession??

    Planning on buying the Ted Baker Vanity Case?


    (Photos: Boots website)

    Thursday, 27 October 2011

    Boots Advantage Card Event

    Last night was the Boots Advantage Card Event in Telford (tonight in Shrewsbury). I had decided I was not going to go and would save my money, BUT...I gave in and went to Telford last night, spent 1 hour and 35 mins in the store, wheeled a trolley cart round and came home with a bunch of goodies, including a few presents.

    Boots kindly put out some little cups of orange juice, wine, bubbly and some chocolates. I just had a couple of cups of orange juice!

    The deal was £12 of Advantage points for every £50 spent in store.

    Now for what I bought...
    Presents for Dad's Birthday and Mum for Christmas, and a few treats for myself!

    Fearne Cotton Travel Compact £16

    Liberty Art Hello Kitty Smoky Eye Kit £12

    CUTE Flutterflies Photo Album £10 

    Ted Baker Body Souffle £2.35
     Ted Baker Body Sprays (x2) £2.35 each
    Collection 2000 Volume Sensation in Shade 02 Perfect Pink £2.99
    Soap & Glory Hand Food £2.35

    Soap & Glory mini's were 3 for 2, which I was told they weren't, then not told at till, that annoyed me a bit as I could have got another 2 products for just £2.35!

    With all the 3 for 2's I saved a total of £20.35, which is great, plus I got £12 of points :) Though I spent £58 in store :-o

    The event is also online, but you have to spend £75 to get £12 of points! Prior to this event, Boots held a £10 of points for every £50 spent in store, I am not sure if they will continue this after these special events, but keep an eye out ;-)

    Anyone else take part in the Boots Advantage Card Event??


    Wednesday, 26 October 2011

    I've been bad...

    So tonight was the Boots Advantage Card Event and I cracked under the pressure...
    I also got a pack of 2 boot boxes, now reduced to £1.99 from B&M. However, to my disappointment they did not have any shoe boxes and looks like they have been discontinued!!
    Anyone know anywhere else that sells them cheap??

    Boots haul post to follow tomorrow ;-)

    I hope you all had a good day!


    Tuesday, 25 October 2011

    ASOS Sale :)

    Hey girls :)

    I recently mentioned that I had placed an order on ASOS (, as they had a sale on. Well, my order arrived yesterday :) YAY!!

    Soap & Glory:
    No Clogs Allowed Self Heating Detox Mask: £6.75, from £10.25
    Glad Hair Day Shampoo: £2,95, from £5.15
    Glad Hair Day Conditioner: £2,95, from £5.15

    Seriously could not believe how cheap these were!

    Barry M:
    Strawberry Ice Cream, Mint Green, Blueberry Ice Cream and Acid Yellow: All £2.25, from £2.99
    Berry Ice Cream: £1.80(!), from £2.99

    Total: £23.45, from £35.50 :) Nice £12.05 saving!

    I couldn't get a very good photo with flash and no natural light!
    Peach Melba on thumb nail, just to stay with the pastel/candy colours :)
    I haven't tried the Acid Yellow yet, but will post when I do ;-)

    Colours can be seen better on this photo :)
    I love Blueberry Ice Cream and Mint Green!

    Soap & Glory = Love!

    I have yet to try these, but will review when I get round to using them ;-)

    The ASOS sale is still on, with up to 70% off.


    Monday, 24 October 2011

    Weekend Haulage :)

    Hey girlies :)

    Hope you all had a great weekend!

    I did a bit of shopping in Telford and my hometown of Shrewsbury at the weekend, so thought I would share with you my findings :)


    BAMBI!!! :)
    Make-up bag £2.99
    Perfume: £3.99 (smells amaze!)
    Nail Varnish: £1.99
    There are 2 colours in the make-up bags (and larger ones! £3.99) and also 2 colours in the nail varnish. The colours available are nude/grey pink and the greige(?) colour. There are also 2 lip gloss tins 'Pink Frosting' and 'Creme Brulee', priced at £1.99 each, I didn't get these as I have too many tins of lip gloss! Sensible, I know!

    and the cute shea butter horsey hand care set: £1.99


    Halloween Haul :)
    Skullduggery £2.75
    Lady Catrina: £3.30
    Calacas: £2.95
    I used my 10% voucher, which saved me about 90p, taking the total to £8.10.
    Sadly no samples left when we went, but the guy was very helpful and myself and Aimee spent almost an hour in the shop :)
    I also discovered the new Bubbleroons...the orange one is AMAZING!! BUT, I had my sensible head on and decided to wait and just get the Halloween collection. I will definitely be returning to buy that soon though :) Check it out!

    Smells quite nice, just looks cool and I wanted the whole Halloween collection (excluding the Knot Wrap)

    This is lovely lime smelling :)

    I asked the guy to cut me as near to 100g as he could, as I was trying to stick to £10 Lush budget.

     This smells AMAZING! Like washing with Fruit Pastilles :)


    Shoes: £1...yep, ONE POUND!! Down from £10/14, to £4, to £1!
    Bracelet: £1, down from £2
    Jewellery Organiser: £3 (will post more when I have filled this)

    Sweet Memories (Retro Sweet Shop):
    Sweet Goody Bag: £1.25
    Sugar Mouse: 50p??

    and my little Shrewsbury shop...

    Barry M Purple Crackle Paint: £3.99
    Barry M Spring Green: £2.99
    (£1 off Barry M when you buy 2)
    Children in Need Wristband: £1 (These are so cute and 57p goes to charity! Also available in black, blue and red)
    and some Pink Smarties, doing a bit more for charity ;-) haha.

    Nail post to come soon ;-)

    The inside :)

    Anyone else do any shopping at the weekend? Any good findings??