Monday, 10 October 2011

Another Weekend, Another Haul

Hey girlies :)

I hope you all had a fab weekend!
I spent most of mine doing what I do best, spending money that I shouldn't be spending and also walking round and round shops helping my sister find outfits for her 21st Birthday Weekend this coming weekend :)

Below is my haul...
(I've had to miss out a couple of things, which were presents for Donna and my friend Kelly, also because one thing I bought myself I also bought Kelly :) I also got a couple of things which aren't on here: eye make-up buds, a white skirt for £2 and blue tights for 50p from Primark - for Smurf costume! and I also got the pink dress from Dorothy Perkins, which I had previously mentioned wanting for Donna's Birthday)

I will follow this post with an in-depth look and swatches of the Rimmel and Kleenex goodies.

My new advantage card arrived :) My last one was damaged and I had about 8 receipts (£1-something) worth of receipts to reclaim points from :)

The Haul.

Impulse 'Loving Words', smells lovely! £1.99
Kleenex Shine Absorbing Sheets (x50) £1.49
Kleenex Eye Make Up Removal Wipes (x24) £1.49
The Kleenex products are on offer, half price. They stood out to me because of the pretty packaging, I am a sucker for pretty packaging!

My usual hair dye, £4.89
Rimmel 3 for 2:
Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipsticks in 03 and 08 £5.49 (1 free!)
Glam' Eyes HD Union Jack Eyeshadow in 'True Union' £6.99

I also got a couple of photos of stands in Boots:
Collection 2000 collabo' with Diana Vickers - I love her make-up on the promo pic!

Rimmel Crack Your Colour - This looks interesting!! Anyone heard about this?? I can't see anything about it anywhere...

Christmas Gift Guides!! Love this!
Boots & Lush, 2 shops I will be doing a lot of my Christmas shopping in :)

Something else exciting that I got at the weekend was my 5ml bottle of Baileys new Biscotti liquer :) Which I got for free through a campaign on Baileys Facebook page! Yum.

Oh yes...and I also met Aled from KIGH again :):):):)

I love him! Such a lovely guy :) and his voice is beautiful.

Did you do any hauling over the weekend?



  1. I love hauls!! my boots card is like my most used thing ever haha :)

    LoveFaye xoxo

  2. nice haul.. love your hair colour

  3. @Faye - Me too :) and same with the Boots card, that's why mine wore out! When they said it had I couldn't help but laugh. Imagine life without a Boots Advantage Card... lol.

    @Nikkay - Thank you :) I am re-dying the purple tomorrow as it's quite faded and my light roots are making an appearance lol.



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