Thursday, 13 October 2011

Just General Ramblings and Lush Stuff :)

Hi girlies :)

Hope you are all had a good evening! I watched 'Hayley: World's Oldest Teenager' earlier and was very moved by it. What a brave girl she is! and then some trash and fake people on Big Brother...

Earlier, after work, me and Donna went to Telford for a quick 1 hour late night shop. I had to go to Lush (as we don't have one in Shrewsbury - boo!) to get a present for my friend Kelly's 21st, from work. I am chief present-buyer in the office! So, as I know Kelly hasn't had anything from Lush before, I decided to get her something lovely from there :) I can't say what it is, in case she reads this before work give it to her on Tuesday!! But...the helpful girl in Lush kindly gave me 2 sample pots of Snow Fairy, which was a nice treat! Also, check out their Christmas carrier bags...cute! I was so much from that shop.

The sample pots are quite generous :)

I also had time to dash to Primark as they were 5 mins from closing and grabbed another pair of the white £3 loafers that I recently posted about (as a back-up pair!) and a pair of standard long, black leggings.
£3 each

In between these shops we found a few minutes to go to Topshop and I tried on the Allegra boots...which it seems EVERY blogger seems to have/be lusting after! Now, I usually don't like to follow the crowd and like to be different, BUT...I like these somewhat, they are comfy and nice for Winter!! Hmm... I've seen a few other alternatives around.
£75, Topshop

I also spotted these...
£58, Topshop

How gorgeous these were in the shop, with the gold glitter hearts sparkling :)

That's all for tonight.

Tomorrow is the Official start to my little sister, Donna's 21st Birthday Celebrations :) and it is going to be EPIC!! I am now off work til next Weds, which is great!

The Agenda for the weekend is as follows:

Fri: Girly pamper day, shopping and nail salon (my first time!)
Partying round Shrewsbury at night!

Sat: Blackpool!!!!!

Sun: Liverpool!!!

Mon: Alton Towers Scarefest!!

Tues: Just a day off to catch up on lost sleep lol!

I am Chauffeur for the weekend, driving from one place, to another each day.

I am TOO excited :):):)

So, forgive me if I don't get chance to blog for the next few days :) But there will be a BIG post on my return ;-)

If I don't get round to blogging til next week, I hope you all have a great weekend!


(Photos of shoes/boots from Topshop website)


  1. The Christmas lush bags are so cute!

  2. I love Lush, those loafers look so cute, only £3, a bargain! (P.S Just found your blog, it's lovely)!

  3. I keep seeing Lush posts and I'm super jealous as I don't have a Lush store very close to me!! Great Post! I'm making a list of LushStuff I'm gonna get when I go next :)

    LoveFaye xoxo

  4. @Penny - Thank you :) Thanks for your comment!

    @Faye - Telford is my nearest, which is around 15 minutes drive away, not too bad...but still, Shrewsbury could do with a Lush!! There's plenty of shops To Let that could be Lush! Though, I feel it'd be dangerous having one in my hometown, haha. Thank you :) What's on your list?? I want pretty much EVERYTHING ;-) All the Halloween and Christmas stuff is too cute!


  5. The xmas bags are super cute this year! :) I loved the valentines bags this year the best though (:
    Lucy x

  6. I know! :) Oh, I don't think I saw those...



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