Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Weekend in Pictures :)

Hey all :)

Tonight's post is just a general post of my weekend, outfits, nails etc :)

Friday night I had another night in! Not quite Rock 'n' Roll.

Saturday: Shopping at Westfield, Merry Hill

(Middle parting!)
Top: River Island
Leggings: Primark

My beloved Primark watch :)
Barry M Limited Edition & Peach Melba

My gorgeous Tarina Tarantino tote, love this!

Denim pumps: Primark


Sunday: Bedroom Clear-out (Continued!)
& Afternoon drive to Llangollen

So, bed shifted across, this is the most carpet I have been able to see in a very long time! After 12 years the lilac carpet is now gone, ready for my laminate to go down :) Also, I told Mum I would find use for all the pretty pink ribbon from Lush gift boxes and other gifts...tied my curtains up :)

My Barbie alarm, which Dad discovered the batteries have leaked acid all inside :-( That would explain why it hasn't worked in a while!

Love this!

Silly pose but I was trying to show the Barry M Gold Foil ;-)

Clip (part of 2-pack): Boots(?)

So here is Barry M Instant Nail Effects Gold Foil in daylight :)

Ring: Boots

Ring: Republic

Vest: Primark
Maxi Skirt: Select
Cardi: Primark
Bag: Urban Outfitters

Fruit muffin in Llangollen, yum!

Llangollen (a tad blurry!)

Lunch, yum! £3.95, how good is that?

Hope you all had a good weekend :)

Nail post to follow...



  1. nice photos :) im dying to get that barry m foil nail polish! and the silver foil one, they look so cool! x

  2. Thank you :) You should definitely get them. My friend has the silver one, which I wasn't too bothered about, but now I have seen her wearing it I want that one too!

    Thank you for following :)


  3. you are super cute i love your hair

  4. Thank you :) I was planning on going back to blonde, but people keep commenting on my hair, so I don't know what to do! I miss the blonde! I've gone and bought some more purple dye today though... x


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