Friday, 21 October 2011

Boudoir Prive October - My First Beauty Box :)

Hey girls :)

So I got home from work today (after getting frustrated, impatiently waiting at the office for a delivery) and found that my Boudoir Prive box was waiting for me! I didn't realise I had put my home address for delivery. What a nice surprise for the day :)

I opened the outer packaging to reveal the gorgeous pink box, which is reusable and will certainly be reused! There is a lot of packaging (tut tut Boudoir Prive), but it does add to the look and feel! and I shall recycle and reuse everything that I can, naturally. Everything looked so pretty, adding to my excitement.

Without hesitation, I opened the wrapping to find 9 great products!

What's in the box?
- Rose & Co Apothecary Rose Petal Salve (20g)
- StudioMakeUp Line Styler Pen 'Blackest Black' (1.1ml)
- Memo Paris Les Echappees 'Inle' Eau De Parfum (small sample bottle)
- Korres Guava Body Butter (50ml)
- Leonor Greyl Palme (25ml)
- Cetuem SCR Gold Illuminating Mask (5ml)
- Cetuem SCR Gold Creme De Lite (5ml)

The Extras
- Zoya Nail Varnish 'Jem' (7.5ml)
- Tropic Body Smooth (small pot)

I got 2 extra products from last month's box, as I received an email saying if I registered by Midnight on the set date I would receive these. This sold it to me, though I forgot about it and ended up completing my order at 11:59pm!! I did wonder if I would have made it in time to get the extra 2 products, and it seems I did, yay!

The products were all by brands I had not heard of, except Zoya nail varnish, of which I was sent a stunning colour (the best IMO), Jem - a dark pinky/purple glitter varnish. There was also a plastic nail set, with samples of all of Zoya's Smoke and Mirrors nail varnishes. This is a good way of showing what colours are available, though it is also pretty wasteful as lots of people now have a plastic cover, with leaflet and plastic nail display piece of not much use! I figured I will probably keep mine for my dressing table display (whenever I get and sort this!).

I will and have already (yes!) used all the products. They wouldn't necessarily be things I would go out and buy, but it is nice to have a sample of different products and a nice treat.

The eyeliner is great, the nail varnish is gorgeous and the Guava Body Butter is just yummy!

The Rose Petal Salve is a nice product too, though I covered my lips in this and could taste the Roses...which was slightly wrong! It is described as 'An excellent all-round salve', for dry lips, rough skin, lashes and brows and 'anywhere you need a little shine!'. I also tried it on my lashes and eczema!
Value For Money
With the eyeliner being worth £12 alone and the Rose Petal Salve being £5, the box is worth a lot more than the £10 you pay!

Above (more towel turban shots lol!): wearing the StudioMakeUp Line Styler Pen, which I was pleased to find was not a random colour, it is Blackest Black :)

More Overview
My sister was fascinated by the box, being sceptical at first, until I opened it. Now she wants a beauty box!

This is my first beauty box and I am impressed! Now I have a problem...I don't know whether to stay with Boudoir Prive, or try another box! There are a few now and I've heard mixed reviews on them. Anyone got any advice?? Recommendations?

More Info
Boudoir Prive boxes are £10 per month, with free delivery and you can sign up at



  1. I've not subscribed to any yet but am hoping to get one for christmas, from reading the reviews around on blogs I like the look of this one the best :)

  2. This months box was amazing. You got a lovely nail polish colour!

  3. Love the liner!

  4. @Monday Receptionist - you should definitely subscribe and give one a try :) You can always cancel after you receive your box, if you are not happy with it!

    @Zoe - it was! I am impressed, especially with the nail varnish :) I can't decide whether to stay with BP for another month now, or swap to a different box...

    @Girlie Blogger - I have used the liner over the weekend and it is SO good! I really like it! Doesn't smudge like others I have used either and lasted all day and night :)

    @are you dressing up or dressing down - It is :) I am really happy with it.



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