Saturday, 11 December 2010


So I have SO much to blog about but need to get round to doing it, as well as sorting photos! I went shopping 3 weeks ago and STILL haven't even took things out of the bags! That's how bad I am at delaying!

I'm currently having a nosey on the Schuh website, after receiving an email the other day about these amazing shoes being back in stock due to popular demand. seems they have since sold out, again!

I am a lover of pretty, sparkly shoes, and in particular, platforms. I have around 10 pairs of glittery shoes and my beloved thigh-high black glittery boots (which I wear at every opportunity!). As well as being a lover of shoes in general with over 108 pairs!

I really want these shoes, though they are a bit pricey, at £62. And I currently have NO money to buy myself any more treats until payday! They might be back in stock by then...

And here's my beloved thigh-highs

I'm still looking around the Schuh website at the moment, whilst I blog. I'm thinking this is a dangerous thing to do as I am particularly drawn to all the Irregular Choice shoes! I have one pair, which I bought YEARS ago, Pink Bitches pumps. I shall take a photo and post soon! The thing about Irregular Choice shoes is that they don't go with much, and when you are like me and always wear colourful things, patterns etc, it is difficult to wear such funky shoes with much! Which is probably why I am so drawn to them, because they are so crazy and stand out! I love the funky designs and how different they are :-)

How sweet? They also have them in purple.

Another pair I like These are a bit simpler and suitable for the office.

I like the little rabbit on the inner heel :-)

and finally... The Oz Charm Bow Court and Oz Flower Bar

I can't decide which I prefer! Both available from Schuh for £69.99.

I am going to ponder over these shoes whilst I am skint and then maybe, come payday, if I have chosen a favourite I might indulge!

:-) x

(All photo's from Schuh website, except glittery thigh-highs which is my photo)

Friday, 3 December 2010

Welcome, and A Little About Me :)

Welcome to my blog :)
I'm new to this whole blogging thing.
My name is Zoe, I'm 23 years young and from the Town of Flowers (aka Shrewsbury, Shropshire).

I decided to make this blog as I am always shopping: make-up, nail products, clothes, shoes, accessories...all the usual girly things and thought I would share my findings. I am a sucker for good deals (3 for 2's, free gift set if you spend X amount etc) so I am always looking for these and shall blog about them too!
I am a spendaholic, my mother tells me I have TOO much and to be fair, my room is currently a very, VERY messy boutique! A friend once walked into my room and said 'Oh My God, it's like Barbie spewed up in your room!!'. As you will tell in time, I like Barbie, pink, glitter and all that kind of dolly stuff!

I am also the proud owner of somewhere just over 108 pairs of shoes at last count :)

I will also blog about various other things in between, like music, bands, gigs and just about anything that interests me. 30 Seconds to Mars...if you haven't heard of them I recommend you check them out! I <3 them.

So that's a little introduction to me, myself and I. Here's to blogging, enjoy x