Monday, 30 April 2012

Models Own Hyper-Brite Matt Lipstick

Apologies to those who dislike more than one post per day, but I thought this deserved it's own post, following my post a little earlier.

As mentioned in my previous post, today I discovered that Models Own have some new LIMITED EDITION lipsticks in Boots and online.

Hyper-Brite Matt Lipstick!
4 shades available, sadly the retail park didn't have a tester of Flaming Red, so I couldn't swatch that one :-(

The Swatches:
(Oh, how I love to cover my hand in products every time I go to Boots! Much fun.)

Instore lighting:

Outdoor lighting (at 7:45pm, going a little darker):

Top to bottom:
Pink Hawaiian
Annalise's Pink

I originally planned to get Orangeade after seeing it in town earlier but on swatching, I wasn't sure it would suit me.
Naturally, I wanted Annalise's Pink, as it is pink...and I have WAY too many pink lippies but as I say 'they are all slightly different shades of pink!'. Annalise's Pink (lovely name!) is gorgeous and bright.
I was good and avoided the pink, trying to tell myself I have bright pinks in the form of MAC's Candy Yum Yum, Barry M's shade 52 and Lime Crime's Countessa Fluorescent.
So, I chose to go for Pink Hawaiian, as I don't have a lipstick like that :)

Pink Hawaiian:

Now for the lipstick on my horridly chapped lips...



Silly face for comedy value:

(Excuse these photos, I look pale, have chapped lips and tired eyes, plus a sore appeared on my waterline earlier...wth?!)

My Thoughts:

Really liking this :)
It is slightly matt(e) but did appear quite glossy with a few strokes, not a problem, I love the colour and texture!
Long lasting.
and smells yummy (who doesn't love a tasty smelling lipstick, Hello MAC!)
Great value at just £6 each.

I would recommend trying these, but remember, they are Limited Edition, so dash to Boots or get on the Models Own website, sharpish!

What Models Own Say:

'Keeping with the namesake, this is straight off the runway! Available in four fabulous Hyper-Brite shades and a vanilla-berry scent, these lipsticks will create the perfect colourful pout.'

Unfortunately it had gone dark out by the time I got home from the retail park, so I was unable to get a photo of the lipstick on, in natural lighting but I will get one on here ASAP!
I would do it tomorrow...but this lipstick is a bit TOO BRIGHT for work...

What do you think of these?
Have you tried them?
Are you going to purchase any?


Today's Little Purchases (and I was doing so well...)

On my lunch break today I went for a walk up in to town, I had a look in Boots, saw so much I wanted but resisted and left with just my Meal Deal in hand.
I was proud of my will power to resist spending in the continuing effort to help my shopping addiction, avoiding some exciting new products which I spotted...

Then tonight, I went to Boots at the retail park and bought one of these things! (and a few little 'essentials'!)

Here's what I got:

Travel-size products:
Soap & Glory Hand Maid 50ml £2.50
Batiste Blush Dry Shampoo 50ml £1.49
Nivea Pearl & Beauty Deodorant 35ml £1.01 (free on 3for2)

The hand sanitiser and deodorant are to take to London on Wednesday (more about that soon!) and the Batiste Blush dry shampoo just because I am a Batiste addict and did not have a mini bottle!
It was 3 for 2, so Batiste was the obvious 3rd product to get the deal!
This got me thinking, Batiste...minis in the other variants...not sure if these exist but if not, please?
I love Batiste, if you follow me on Twitter you may notice that I regularly tweet about my Batiste Hair Days and reasons for :) #batistehairday Share your story!

and now for the exciting new product...

Model's Own Hyper-Brite Matt Lipstick!!

I chose shade XL03 Pink Hawaiian £6.

I will follow this post with a review in a few moments, you all need to know about these!

So, after resisting spending in Boots today, I went on to spend this evening but it totalled £9.99, and I had £10 in my purse, so that makes it better, yes?

Stay tuned for my review of Model's Own Hyper-Brite Matt Lipstick :)


Sunday, 29 April 2012

Liverpool Day Out, OOTD & Purchases

Last Saturday, my sister and I decided to have a 'Sissy Day', as we haven't had one in a while.
We spent the night before trying to plan where to go, but didn't decide until we had been sat in my car for 10 minutes on the actual day!
We both wanted to go to the seaside but the weather was being an unpredictable ass, so we needed somewhere that was OK come rain, or shine...

Liverpool it was!

I absolutely LOVE Liverpool, it is probably my favourite city (maybe joint fave with LDN). There's so much to do and see, great shops, friendly people and so much culture, especially the music culture with The Beatles and everything. And I love my music :)

This post is now going to contain a load of photos from the day! If you dislike pic-heavy posts, sorry.
The Outfit:

Tunic vest: H&M
Zebra scarf: Spitalfields Market
Faux leather skirt: Primark
Tights: Asda
Pumps: Asda
Denim jacket: Hand-me-down from Mum :)
Bag: Paul's Boutique Loves Barbie
Ring: Primark
Holy Bracelet: Shop in Chester

The Face & Hair:


Nothing of much excitement, except the lipstick...
Lime Crime 'Countessa Fluorescent' :)
Hair just clipped back with 2 grips!

Yeah, so I kinda didn't realise how many colours my hair currently is.

The Mini-Haul:

Flatforms: £19.99 H&M (I finally found a size 5!!!)

Perfume: £9.99 Zara
(Review soon!)

The Day Out:

Donna did this for my breakfast!

I can't believe we've never been in Cavern Walks Shopping Mall before!
Beautiful boutique shops :)

We didn't go in the club, but we went for a drink in the pub...

We also decided to check out the Tate gallery.
(I was trying to avoid shopping!)

Yes, this was 4 big old TV sets, 2 up 2 across, which came on a random times, playing videos of people walking in to a white room, 'pushing the button' and throwing up...

The view from the Tate :)

I thought this was so pretty :)

Lunch :)

My fans...

The real star of the show, the Daughter from the Sea Odyssey Giant Spectacular.

Giant 30ft moving puppet!
I imagine the people pulling the strings were rather strong.


Me & Donna

No, this is not my collection (haha!)
My dream.

Love this shop.
and the Iron Fist models hair!

and now for some amazing footwear...


If you have got this far down the post, well done and thank you!

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend!
I've spent a lot of last night and today on Twitter, Tweeting with some lovely fellow bloggers and discovering some new blogs/bloggers :)
If you have Twitter, follow me @ameliasallsorts (if you want to, that is!)