Tuesday, 26 June 2012

HELP: Hair Colour Dilemma!

Hello lovelies.

I have an open dilemma tonight and would love opinions, please :)

I've put this on my personal Facebook and so far it's about 11-3 in favour of blonde, though the people who say purple know me and my style best.
I put this on Twitter but only had 1 reply, from the lovely Laura who said 'wow you're so lucky, both colours look amazing on you. I love both! If I had to choose though the purple xx', which made me smile :)
and IRL: it's pretty much 50/50 with the office ladies hating blonde, family loving blonde - some friends saying blonde, some saying purple.

I'm so indecisive, I just don't know what to do but it's my birthday next week and I'd like to finally sort it by then.

The other issue is blonde means hairdressers, money and the risk of further ruin.
Purple/other means about £5 per box, home dying by my sister.
Blonde is also high maintenance...

Here's (quite a few) photos of my hair blonde and purple...
Please leave comments below :)

Blonde Vs Purple:

The very first purple from blonde:

My hair a month before, with some clip-in extensions that we tried the purple dye on:

Some of my blonde shades/looks that I liked:

Some of my favourite purple shades/looks:

Different shades of purple:

(Above is the current shade/s)

The current root situation:

(Photo taken at Download Festival - hair was destroyed!)

More recent photos:

My sister put some Loreal Casting Creme Gloss in 515 Chocolate Truffle on last showed slightly but was no match for the purple underneath and faded within a matter of days:

and for those who question my natural colour...

Damn that little girl above with her natural bright blonde locks!
(and look at the face on my little sister, haha)

I've been many colours over the years, I lose track of all the colours. Always wanted to do a Hairstory post but trying to remember all the colours that I have been and find photos is difficult.

However, I will tell you my WORST colour choice ever...
- Never again O.o

and going back to blonde from said jet black was a looooong, expensive process.

Hair colours I'd love to try:
Ariel (The Little Mermaid) red
Candy colours
- I planned to do something crazy for Download but again, could not decide in time :(

I loved blonde, but I loved the purple.
But then I'd quite like to try a different colour...
Though people keep complimenting my current look and saying it works quite well, at the Batiste Lace launch I was told it was 'Root Attitude'.
I definitely had more compliments since I've been purple but I just feel like changing...
Damn you, indecisive mind, damn you!

I currently have a stash of dyes and some colour removal that I have accumulated recently!

Anyway, I'd love to hear your thoughts on what colour I should go.

I just can't decide, way too indecisive.

Hope you are all having a good week :)


Saturday, 23 June 2012

I'm Back and I've Been Shopping...

I'm back!
It's been so long.

Quick apology - I lost my blogging mojo/have been so busy and suffering PFD (Post Festival Depression!).
Download was so much fun.
- I may do a post on the festival and my outfits!

Anyway, I am now back!
Hello :)

Thank you for all your comments left whilst I was away, I've read and replied to all today.
(^Poet and I didn't know it^)

So I went shopping today, suffering from last night's antics. I blame that for the spending that commenced in Telford today.

Here be my haul:

You know you've been bad when...

Bracelet £4.25 (Half Price), Dorothy Perkins 

Rise Against CD's 2 for £10, HMV
- because they were AMAZING at Download and I now LOVE them :)

Barry M new polishes in Silver Multi Glitter (338) and Pink Silver Glitter (337) £2.99 each
All in One basecoat, topcoat and nail hardener £2.99
FREE nail paint in Retro Purple (free when spending over £6)
- I then realised I got this one last week, doh! This will go to mum or Donna.
^All above from Boots^

Technic glitter in Party Pink 99p, Bodycare
- Because a girl can never have TOO MANY nail polishes...

A bit of a naughty purchase, Benefit 'That Gal' £21, Debenhams

Picked up the Benefit book to help me with my birthday list :)

Dolly Rocker candle £8.99, Smart Ideas
- wanted this SO long.

I hope you are all well and having a good weekend :)


Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Download Festival 2012 Ramblings

Hello my lovelies :)

So, I'm about to head off to live in a field for 4 nights/5 days, drink copious amounts of alcohol, make some amazing memories and rock out to some brilliant bands!

It's June, it's all about DOWNLOAD FESTIVAL 2012!!!

I've mentioned it on my blog a bit but if you follow me on Twitter, apols for the amount of tweets about Download...waaaaaayyyyyyy toooo exciiiiteeeeeeddddd!!!!!

Here's the full line up.

Absolutely ridic, I know.

Last year it was all about A7X, Black Stone Cherry, Bullet For My Valentine and System of a Down for me.

and when we were walking to the Main Stage and realised Skindred were on. Crazy moment where we suddenly saw tens of thousands of items of clothing being waved in the air doing the 'Newport Helicopter'. Skindred are back this year, I hope this happens again! See half way through video below...

This year, Metallica, Axewound, my faves - Kids in Glass Houses. I lose count of how many times I have now seen KIGH, I think this is between 10-12th time :) I saw them on my birthday last year at Wakestock, that was pretty rad. Watching my fave bad, front row, on my freakin' birthday!

2010 we missed due to my money and my sister's work commitments.

2009 was my first Download, that was ruled by Slipknot and Limp Bizkit for me.

There are some clashes between bands and stages this year but all in all there are 38/39 bands that I would love to see!

Download Festival has given me some of the best memories that I will always treasure. I've been to a few festivals and Download is different to every other. The people are crazy-funny and friendly, the experiences are brilliant and just everything, everything about the festival rocks! I'm always talking about memories of Download 2009 and 2011 and no doubt 2012 will provide more memories that I will go on about for the rest of my life.

I love watching videos back on Youtube and thinking 'I WAS THERE!'.

I've attached some videos of previous years that were stand out memories to me below.

Music is something that I am really passionate about and rock, whilst other genres will come and go, rock and metal are the genres that will always hold a place in my heart.

I hope you all had a great Bank Holiday Weekend and start to the week, have a great week and weekend ahead. We'll be coming home Sunday night after Black Sabbath, so home around 1:30am Monday morning. Blogging will commence Monday, when I will catch up on any comments and other blogs. I will then do posts on my recent outfits (Weekend/Week in Outfits) and the exciting Download Festival in Outfits post (this is likely to be poncho-full but I still plan to wear a different outfit every day/night! No matter the weather!) and then catching up on backlogged blog posts!

So, see you all when I'm back :)


Some videos of previous year's at Download:
*WARNING - some explicit words and possibly boobies!*
If you are not a fan of swear words, please do not watch.

Slipknot - 2009
 Limp Bizkit - 2009

Avenged Sevenfold - 2011

Black Stone Cherry - 2011

Bullet For My Valentine - 2011

System of a Down - 2011



Monday, 4 June 2012

Saturday's 'Not Spending Any Money' Mini Haul

On Saturday I popped in to town as I was bored and also because I'd seen a Metallica top appear on Topshop's website the night before and wanted to go check it out (in hope it wouldn't be that nice, so I wouldn't spend)...

Yes, I loved it, so I bought it!
Well, I did want a top to wear when I see Metallica at Download...
£22, And Finally at Topshop.

Love everything about this, especially the holes all over the neckline.

The top is really long.
I'll reveal how I style this after Download!
- I'm going to do a Download Festival in Outfits post :)

and then I wrongly visited Superdrug, in search of black lipstick...
Oh, Hello 3 for 2.
I couldn't resist once I found Barry M's black lipstick...

In my defence, I have wanted the Burgundy/red Magnetic polish since it came out!
and I love the Waterproof Eyeliners, this colour looked too gorge to leave.
- I have 3 Barry M Waterproof Eyeliners now and will do a review soon :)

£3.99 (free on 3 for 2)



and here's the black lipstick on...

Opinions welcome. I expect not many will like. Please don't be too nasty :)
So far I've had the following reactions from friends on my Facebook:
1. Oh no hoe u didn't :( looks scary xx

2. not too sure on this, maybe if you did your eyebrows darker??xx

My reply:
It's all about the statement lip! If I did my eyes or eyebrows darker it'd look too extreme and I would look gothic xx

3.and one of the lads: Holy Shit! Zoe thats scary!...
Anyone else been hauling over the long weekend?
I hope you all had a great weekend :)
I have another 8 days off still, 5 of which will be spent at Download Festival, from Weds-Sunday night. So so sooooo excited!!! 2 SLEEPS!

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Jubilee Nails

It's the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, as everyone who hasn't been hiding under a rock knows.
So I just HAD to do some celebratory nail art.
I decided to switch the colours up a little and use pink, white and lilac, instead of the traditional Union Jack colours of red, white and blue.
Here's my cutesy Union Jack Jubilee nails :)

What I used:

Nails Inc 'Bluebell', free with InStyle mag, post here.
Rio Professional Nail Art Brushes in metallic pink and white, from Nail Art Kit, available at Argos. I've mentioned this in a few of my previous nail art posts.

I started with Bluebell:
Then the tricky part, trying to keep a steady hand:
and finally the pink:
Add some top coat and tadaaaaa:

and here's last year's Royal Wedding nails, which can also be classed as Jubilee nails:

Hope you are all having a great Jubilee weekend, despite this dull weather! Oh, to be British.

It wouldn't be a British celebration without the great British weather.

I wonder if the Queen is partying hard?!