Tuesday, 26 July 2011

So I bought some more shoes...

Sunday I took the family on a road trip :)
Our plan was to go visit the Duke of Lancaster ship (derelict/abandoned) up in North Wales, via Liverpool and The Wirral.
With Liverpool as the first destination I told myself NO SHOPPING!!

This lasted about an hour or so, until I went 'to look at Lomography cameras' in Urban Outfitters! I didn't get a camera BUT I found a peace necklace in the shape of a heart <3 I already have a UO peace necklace but I HAD to have this one too!

This was £14.

Next up, Mum wanted a denim shirt, so we went to Primark...and I ended up walking out with a bag of 'stuff'!
Top £4, 2-pack leggings £4.90, flower garland £2.50, 2-pack bracelets £2 and the gorgeous elephant trio ring, which was reduced from £3 to £1!!
(Excuse the rubbish nails, the crack in index finger was the point which I managed to bend my nail back to today....yes, IT HURT!!)

and finally...the biggest fail, but also WIN of the day.

On route to the car park I decided to go into Office...I came out with these...

Gold embroidery <3


Dust bag.

I saw these online when they first came out and loved them, but wouldn't pay £110...
WELL...these were down to £50 in the sale, THEY WERE MINE! I tried them, I loved them, Mum couldn't even think of words to stop me (like she usually does!).

I didn't have £50 in this months budget to spend on things like these but I just had to!

Needless to say, after this I was quick to leave Liverpool and walked past the rest of the shops without looking!!

We then headed to West Kirby, The Wirral. Had a walk around the Marine Lake, which was nice.

Then we headed to the highlight of the day (that may sound sad, but I have wanted to visit this for SO long!). 45 minutes or so further driving and we reached the Duke of Lancaster ship :)

What a spectacle! Such a shame it has been abandoned.

Here's some outfit pics:

New Soul Cal 'Day Dreamer' crop, £10 in Republic sale :)

Top: Soul Cal @ Republic
Black vest & leggings 'standard': Primark
Shoes: Primark
Bag: Paul's Boutique 'Barbie' @ Cult

More new shoesies :)
These cost £8 from Primark.
Pretty comfy, only slight rubbing, but I did walk miles!
and the pretty interior stained my feet (which was cringey when trying shoes in Office!)

Soul Cal top <3

So, that was my fun Sunday. The rest of the weekend was equally as amazing, but I shall leave that for another post.

Hope you all had a great weekend and are making the most of this weather, how hot?!

- Ice creams in Liverpool


Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Vaseline, Nails & a DVD :)

Second post of the day, but I just wanted to share today's findings:

My sister and I popped to Boots 'for a look'...which 90% of the time ends up with us both purchasing things, even if we didn't plan to!

But today I couldn't resist when I saw Vaseline body products at HALF PRICE!!

I've wanted to try all these for a long time, and as they were so cheap I got all 4. I have yet to try, but they smell yummy!

I also got a CUTE face cloth (above), which was £1.99.

Vaseline Aloe Fresh Moisturising Body Gel 200ml now £2.49
Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe Fresh Body Lotion 200ml now £1.35     
Vaseline Cocoa Butter Gel Body Oil 200ml now £2.44
Vaseline Conditioning Cocoa Butter Lotion 200ml now £1.76

 Bargain! These are also half price on Boots website.


I also thought I would show today's nails, as the girl at the till in Boots said she really liked the colour :) I like when people compliment/comment on things :)

The nail varnish is from Miss Sporty Clubbing Colors collection, it has no name, but it'd be easy to find. These are really cheap, but great quality! and the brushes are a great size, tidy and so nice to use.


Now, the next thing is totally off-topic in terms of beauty/fashion etc...but today my order arrived...

Chapter 27, the story of Mark Chapman and the murder of John Lennon.

I bought this DVD as I have always wanted to watch this, and I got it for just £3.73, free delivery! I was on to pre-order Kids in Glass Houses new album, In Gold Blood, which I still have to wait a few weeks for the release :( But I shall have a lovely, gold signed, limited edition copy, woo!
Now, the reason I wanted to watch this so much is the star of the film, Jared Leto <3 I love him! Look up 'amazing' in the dictionary and I'm sure he would come up in there ;-) Great actor, great musician (30 Seconds to Mars) and absolutely STUNNING! Even at almost 40 years old! Ahhhh :)
This is the movie he put on LOADS of weight for, and became almost unrecognisable!

Anyway, reading the back of the box, I am now really excited to watch it, intrigued by the story. So, I hope it's good! Lindsay Lohan is the leading lady though, unfortunately...So who knows!

That's all for tonight, I am now going to go paint my nails (again!) and get some sleep, work in 7 and a half hours...



Girls, if you like amazing shoes, high heels, big platforms, colour, and making a statement; I have some VERY EXCITING news for you...

Secret Sales have a Kandee shoes sale starting tomorrow!

*screams with excitement*

If you are not familiar with Secret Sales, they are a website that hold sales on designer goods, which are usually with CRAZY discounts! I know they had a Kandee sale in the past, and I sadly missed it :( But, I will most definetely be checking this first thing tomorrow! I have previously blogged about Kandee shoes and how I have wanted a pair for ages, so hopefully I will find some, or manage to get some before they sell out tomorrow :)

I don't know what styles will be on sale yet, but I hope that one of my favourites are on there...

Click here to go to the website. Apparently we both get £10 after a purchase is made, following this referral link.

Oh, and tomorrow is PAY DAY...Secret Sales - I THANK YOU!! <3

Anyone else got a sweet tooth for a bit of Kandee??


Tuesday, 19 July 2011

I'm Back :) YAY!

Hello All :)

Ah, it feels so good to be back!! We were internet-less for the past few weeks/month, and it was HORRIBLE!! But now the internet is fixed, and I am back to blog *smiles*.

So, I have LOADS to blog about, I have been up to lots since my last post; lots of city days out, a week off work, Wakestock Festival, MY BIRTHDAY, Blackpool and, of course, lots of shopping!! So I have plenty to share :)

After a busy month I am very pretty poor now :( day is just days away, joy!

For tonight I will leave you with 2 pairs of shoes which I have discovered today (in my 'poor/waiting for pay day' mood, when I always seem to online 'window' shop in desperation!).

Firstly, I opened an email from Schuh and saw a wonder of blue sparkliness and great height...
These beauties are £65. Click the photo to go to the website :)

and secondly...I had a random look on Harrods website, and on the homepage came a selection of Kurt Geiger's latest shoes, OH WOW!
So I kinda fell in love with these...
These are (sadly!) £150, which I am trying to justify in my head and tempt myself BUT I just can not afford such price with my car and bills to pay for :( I live in hope these will be in the sale in January...
Click the photo to go to the website :)

So, that's all for tonight ladies. I hope you are all fantastic :)