Wednesday, 20 July 2011


Girls, if you like amazing shoes, high heels, big platforms, colour, and making a statement; I have some VERY EXCITING news for you...

Secret Sales have a Kandee shoes sale starting tomorrow!

*screams with excitement*

If you are not familiar with Secret Sales, they are a website that hold sales on designer goods, which are usually with CRAZY discounts! I know they had a Kandee sale in the past, and I sadly missed it :( But, I will most definetely be checking this first thing tomorrow! I have previously blogged about Kandee shoes and how I have wanted a pair for ages, so hopefully I will find some, or manage to get some before they sell out tomorrow :)

I don't know what styles will be on sale yet, but I hope that one of my favourites are on there...

Click here to go to the website. Apparently we both get £10 after a purchase is made, following this referral link.

Oh, and tomorrow is PAY DAY...Secret Sales - I THANK YOU!! <3

Anyone else got a sweet tooth for a bit of Kandee??


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