All products, unless stated are purchased by me.  I work full time and most of the money that remains after my car and bills is spent on things which I often Tweet and blog about.

As of September 2012, any items sent to me to review will feature a short line at the bottom of the post, to show that these have been sent to me to try out/PR/samples etc.

Products mentioned prior to September 2012, along with future products are reviewed and blogged about out of my own choice, whether it be that I wish to rave, or rant about something that I feel I would like to share with my blog readers.

I am happy to accept products to review, as long as they are relevant to me and to my blog.

All reviews will be 100% honest.

Photos will be my own, unless otherwise stated.

Any questions, or if you would like to email me about any PR, please email

Zoe Amelia x

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