Thursday, 16 June 2011

Sunburn & Spree'ing

Tonight I made a last minute dash to Telford late-night shopping, for a hat...
Tomorrow I shall blog about my 'spree', which did not include said hat that I went for!
Here's a sneak peak...

So, Download Festival was AMAZING (blog post coming soon!). BUT non-stop rain Sunday forcing us to abandon tents, sleeping bags and shoes and come home a night early was a bit of a nightmare! Then there's the sunburn from Friday and Saturday...well, what can I say except OUCH!!

I won't even post the photo of my sunburnt face because it is horrid! I'm pretty worried about the sun spots I have on my face and shoulders :-(

I did cover myself in sun protection spray on Saturday, whilst being in the Main Arena field for the whole day, but Friday when we were hauling things the few miles between the car park and the camp site, then sitting outside the tent, I did not have any on, as it seemed dull but clearly that's when the sun gets you! I wish I'd put some on now...

I bought a new sun protection to take to Download, Nivea Sun Invisible Protection spray, which I got for £6.88, which is cheap for sun protection nowadays! I can't really judge whether it works as I had already burnt before using it. It smells quite nice though, and isn't really greasy, absorbs well and is easy to use.
(excuse the squint, the sun was in my eyes, I was hot and bothered and burning!)

I use Factor 50 as I am very fair skinned, and burn in even the slightest sun :-( I read this week that Demi Moore apparently applies sun protection everyday to protect her skin from harmful, skin-ageing sun rays...I am considering this. Especially now, seeing how damaged my skin is just from 2 days. In my current state I am peeling on both shoulders (one shoulder has completely peeled!) and my scalp is peeling (so I look like I have dandruff!) and tonight my lower arms have started! My nose is also peeling and very sore. I could cry right now, this is horrible!

I am not a sun-worshiper and actually like being fair skinned and think it should be embraced :) There's nothing wrong with being tanned (as long as you do it safely but don't end up tangoed or like Jordan's current 'Ronseal' wood stain colour!), but I myself am quite happy being fair, I just need to start being more protective over my skin!!

Does anyone have any advice on stopping/treating peeling skin following sunburn???

Oh yes, and my sister re-did the purple hair again the night before we went to Download and I think this is the best shade it has come out so far! <3 And although it seems to be running out in every wash and staining towels still, after 1 week it is still looking just as purple!!

Friday's almost the weekend ladies :) Who is excited? I know I am...KINGS OF LEON!!!


Wednesday, 8 June 2011

The Purple is Returning!!

I am currently sat here with my hair covered in dye, in between having a last minute rush packing for Download tomorrow!! I can hear heavy rain outside and therefore am DREADING tomorrow! PLEASE BE SUNNY!!

So I am dying my hair again as the brown quickly faded back into a purpley-brown 'bruple' colour, as I mentioned in a previous post, and as I am going to Download tomorrow I figured I should go with my original plan to bring the purple back :)

Schwarzkopf Live Color XXL in Cyber Purple is my colour of choice again.

If I have chance I will try and post my festival survival kit before I go, but if not I shall when I am home ;-)

I am TOO excited!!

Download here we come :) :) :)

I must dash now but just wanted to do a quick post, the dye has been on my hair over half an hour...think I need to wash it out quick!

Hope you are all having a great week, despite this dull weather!


Sunday, 5 June 2011

Weekend Part 2: The Wedding, OOTD&N & Miss Sporty Nails

As I previously mentioned, it was my cousin Nick's wedding yesterday. Beautiful day, ceremony and dress worn by the bride, Jo.

And here's my outfit:


And the best part...THE SHOES!!

These beauties were from New Look (£29.99) and I must say, they were pretty comfy! I managed to wear them throughout the wedding AND reception, then into town afterwards (with a mere 10 minutes taking them off at home whilst changing outfits to go to town!). Considering the heel height of just over 5 inches they were very comfy and only started to hurt my feet towards to later part of the evening! And luckily there were no ankle sprains at the wedding, considering the outside of the venue was all pebble stone paths and grass for all the women to have to totter on!!

After a fun taxi drive home with my sister and cousin Matt in a taxi blasting Black Stone Cherry out loud <3 we had 10 minutes before the next taxi arrived to take us into town. I changed out of my dress and was going to relieve my feet but decided I just couldn't wear flats, so the heels went back on!
I slipped my hair up in a messy do for town as it was so hot and my hair has gone slightly kinky for the days heat! I don't usually wear my hair up, but clearly need to more often as I didn't get ID'd anywhere!! and I usually do! (I have a round, young face!!).

Today I made a quick 30 minutes dash to town before the shops shut, in search of Black Stone Cherry's new album (that the taxi driver had on!) BUT it was sold out :( I did manage to get Avenged Sevenfold's latest album though, along with My Chemical Romance's as they were 2 for £10 at HMV! Gave them both a listen on my trip up to Lyth Hill afterwards where I decided to go for a walk, much needed exercise!!

Here's a panoramic pic from Lyth Hill :)

and one taken in my car wing mirror (just coz I thought it looked cool ;) )

I also want to share with you a nail varnish I have fallen in LOVE with...
I put this on today as it was in my 'box of products I haven't used yet!' and think it is a beautiful colour <3

Nail varnish is by Miss Sporty, it doesn't have a name on the bottle but it is part of the Clubbing Colors range ;) They retail at £1.99 but I think I got this from Boots on 2 for £3!! BARGAIN!
The brush is fantastic, easy to use and tidy! The varnish dries in no time and the finish is lovely! I am just in love with this product!!

So, there's my weekend in a blog ;)
Hope you have all had a lovely weekend!
Back to work tomorrow, but only for 3 days before I head off to Download :):):)


Weekend Part 1: LUSHness & Primark Haul

Hello all, I have decided to split my weekend into 2 blog posts as I feel 1 would be text and photo overload!!

Friday night I didn't do a lot, other than stay in and get Lush'd up :) I am currently making my way through a mass collection from Christmas and the January sales! I had a bath using my Cinders bath bomb, which smelt lovely, but did make the water look a bit like someone had done a wee in the bath lol!

Here's my tub containing some of my Lush collection, other bits are in gift boxes still! Box filled out and kept fresher using the polystyrene type packaging out of one of my Lush gift boxes ;) I believe these are made from potato starch to be environmentally friendly and biodegradable!

Saturday...well, how amazing was the weather Saturday??! I woke up at about 7am to the sun beaming through my window! I was all hyped up for my cousins wedding but before that I needed to head to Telford to find a nude bra to wear with my dress!!! I found one in Primark, on sale, £3, perfect!! In the space of an hour I did pretty good, few shops and a bit of a mini spree in Primark! Well, it's been a while since my last!

Here's some pics of my haul:

Primark goodies <3

A few random grabs!

How cute is this ring?! <3

Got this top to add to my Download Festival wardrobe :) It was £5 and a gorgeous colour, looks slightly different in the photo!

Nude underwear

I also got some replacement black leggings, long and cropped.

I then popped into Boots for some 'essentials': 

This is the powder I use over my foundation, and I highly recommend! Rimmel Stay Matte, I use this one, shade 005 Silky Beige, which I find works well with my fair complexion to add a little colour, without looking orange or too dark!

I have decided the purple WILL be making a return for Download :)
Same shade as previously used (before the brown, which has now faded into a brown-purple 'brurple!), Cyber Purple <3
Got a bunch of things from Bodycare too, for Download. I shall include these in my festival blog post ;)

and here's a quick one of me, sporting Natural Collection lipstick in Cranberry, which I was testing out before wearing at the wedding, love it!
Weekend Part 2 to follow...

Friday, 3 June 2011

Another weekly update!!

Another delayed blog here!

Evening everyone :) Sorry for the lack of blogging again, Bank Holiday weekend was a bit hellish for me, and the past week has been hectic!

I hope you all had a great BH and week.

Just a few random bits to blog about today, starting with...


Kandee shoes currently have a 50% sale on today (, which ends at midnight. Sadly the lime, lemon and chocolate lime Sours are sold out BUT the blue Raspberry Slushy are still in stock in my size!! I love them and really want them but money is tight atm with Download Festival coming up next week and a car to pay for!! Let's pray for another 50% sale!



I am very excited about my cousin Nick's wedding tomorrow and have my outfit all sorted BUT I haven't had chance to 'wear in' my new I am currently wearing them, with my bright pink dressing now, yes...I look TOO cool, added touch of my wet hair in a towel turban LOL! I hope I can manage all day at the wedding and the evening reception in my sexy 5-inchers...

I will post tomorrow with photos of my outfit etc ;)

I just need to decide on hair an nail varnish now!

and talking of nail varnish...

Last night I met up with 3 of my male friends; Jamie, Burton and Pez. The 4 of us haven't got together since our Llandudno Weekender in March :-o

I had black nail polish on already from the night before, but decided to add some colour in the form of Barry M Instant Nail Effects in pink!


I teamed my nails up with my black maxi dress, denim waistcoat, black pumps, new bag and of course, pink cheeks and MAC Pink Friday lippie <3


Sideways??? This wont rotate :-s

Had a fun evening, I drove us up a hill in Church Stretton for a bit of Urbex (Urban Exploration, Google it ;) ), found the ROC post we wanted to go to.

Can you see why I didn't fancy going down there?? Plus, I had a maxi dress on, it just wouldn't work!

The lads went down into it, but I chickened out! Now I wish I'd gone in, though it's burnt out and dark but I wanted to see what it's like underground!

After that we drove across South Shropshire to Bishops Castle, where we spent the evening going round pubs (me drinking Diet Cokes obviously!). It was so nice sitting in a beer garden til gone 10pm and still feeling like Summer!

Being dorky!! I look lovely...!! It's all fun ;-)

Good times!

I also found a heart-shaped crisp in Jamie's pack!
So cute <3

Tonight I am in, currently watching American Pie and STILL debating over the Kandee shoes for the last 10 minutes! Tomorrow wedding, Sunday shopping and/or seaside :)

This time next week I will have left the Main Arena and be somewhere around 'The Village' funfair/nightclub/entertainment/festival fun of the mighty Download Festival!! TOO EXCITED RIGHT NOW! I shall also do a festival goer post before then ;)

Anyone going to a festival this Summer??