Friday, 3 June 2011

Another weekly update!!

Another delayed blog here!

Evening everyone :) Sorry for the lack of blogging again, Bank Holiday weekend was a bit hellish for me, and the past week has been hectic!

I hope you all had a great BH and week.

Just a few random bits to blog about today, starting with...


Kandee shoes currently have a 50% sale on today (, which ends at midnight. Sadly the lime, lemon and chocolate lime Sours are sold out BUT the blue Raspberry Slushy are still in stock in my size!! I love them and really want them but money is tight atm with Download Festival coming up next week and a car to pay for!! Let's pray for another 50% sale!



I am very excited about my cousin Nick's wedding tomorrow and have my outfit all sorted BUT I haven't had chance to 'wear in' my new I am currently wearing them, with my bright pink dressing now, yes...I look TOO cool, added touch of my wet hair in a towel turban LOL! I hope I can manage all day at the wedding and the evening reception in my sexy 5-inchers...

I will post tomorrow with photos of my outfit etc ;)

I just need to decide on hair an nail varnish now!

and talking of nail varnish...

Last night I met up with 3 of my male friends; Jamie, Burton and Pez. The 4 of us haven't got together since our Llandudno Weekender in March :-o

I had black nail polish on already from the night before, but decided to add some colour in the form of Barry M Instant Nail Effects in pink!


I teamed my nails up with my black maxi dress, denim waistcoat, black pumps, new bag and of course, pink cheeks and MAC Pink Friday lippie <3


Sideways??? This wont rotate :-s

Had a fun evening, I drove us up a hill in Church Stretton for a bit of Urbex (Urban Exploration, Google it ;) ), found the ROC post we wanted to go to.

Can you see why I didn't fancy going down there?? Plus, I had a maxi dress on, it just wouldn't work!

The lads went down into it, but I chickened out! Now I wish I'd gone in, though it's burnt out and dark but I wanted to see what it's like underground!

After that we drove across South Shropshire to Bishops Castle, where we spent the evening going round pubs (me drinking Diet Cokes obviously!). It was so nice sitting in a beer garden til gone 10pm and still feeling like Summer!

Being dorky!! I look lovely...!! It's all fun ;-)

Good times!

I also found a heart-shaped crisp in Jamie's pack!
So cute <3

Tonight I am in, currently watching American Pie and STILL debating over the Kandee shoes for the last 10 minutes! Tomorrow wedding, Sunday shopping and/or seaside :)

This time next week I will have left the Main Arena and be somewhere around 'The Village' funfair/nightclub/entertainment/festival fun of the mighty Download Festival!! TOO EXCITED RIGHT NOW! I shall also do a festival goer post before then ;)

Anyone going to a festival this Summer??


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