Monday, 23 May 2011

Gold Blood...Kids in Glass Houses

Very excited tonight :):):)

Went on Facebook earlier and up popped a status from Kids in Glass Houses, one of my favourite bands, with announcement of new single, new album AND a new tour!! OMG! Excitement! Then the link to their new site ( wouldn't work as all us fans crashed it lol. I tried constantly to get on to get the free download of their new track 'Gold Blood' as I missed Zane Lowe playing it on his show, but no luck :(

Just tried again now, and IT WORKS!! A tad slow, works, YES! I am now registered but as I am impatient I am now listening to Zane Lowe's show on iPlayer :-) I'm liking the track! More Summery tuneage from the band.


 Source: Facebook 

I first discovered Kids in Glass Houses when they supported 30 Seconds to Mars (One of my other fav bands!) at Manchester Student Union in January 2007! That was the first time I saw 30STM too, I've now seen them 7/8 times <3 The gig was like £7 a ticket or something crazy if I remember correctly and well worth it as it introduced me to what was to become 2 of my favourite bands <3 <3 I also got to meet 30STM afterwards and Jared Leto said my DIY tee was cool, *FAINTS*. I replied with some totally dorky thing, I believe it was 'thanks, I LOVE YOUR BAND!' get my drift, one of those 'Oh God...what did I just do?!'.

Anyway, I've seen KIGH a couple more times since then on their own tours, the first being at the Bar Academy in Birmingham, which was TINY with just a few of us on the front row basically UNDER Aled lol! Me and my sister met them after the gig, and I was also lucky enough to meet Aled again with my friend Kelly after the last gig I went to in November :)

I wont post the pic of the first time I met them as I hate it, jet black hair, all hot and messy-haired with non-existant make-up at the end of gig, noooo! is the most recent pic of me and Aled, lead singer of KIGH <3 Gorgeous Voice!! I am still not keen on me in the pic but oh well...

So, I recommend you check out Kids in Glass Houses ;-)

Anyone else a fan?


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