Thursday, 19 May 2011

The Past Week

Sorry for not blogging for a week now! I tried to do a blog last week, the night before I headed to Blackpool, but Blogger was down :( and I have been busy this week trying to sort through paperwork and things! Yawn! But I am back :)

Friday I had the day off work and it was an exciting day :), then I went to Blackpool with my Sister and friend Hayley for the night. Good times had. My first trip to Blackpool in 2011 (last year I went 5 times!!). All 3 of us girls wore floral tops, we were like a bunch of flowers lol! Here's my outfit:
The top was dug out from my wardrobe, from when I was about 16-17! One of those 'I'll keep it as I may wear it one day!'.

Shoes at the ready :)

Drinks at the ready too :)

Girlies at the ready :)

I look funny here but I wanted to put a photo of the mirror on here...'Make up mirror' - how cute? These were in the fancy toilets underneath the uber-funky CoCo club. Although the mens and womens are both down there and the sinks and mirror area is unisex, which I didn't like! But they were some smart toilets though lol!

The Tower, having some work done

I had a quick browse round a few shops whilst in Blackpool, including Primark! It HAS to be done, the Primark there is huge!!
I made only one purchase, due to funds.

This cute bag was just £9 and perfect for Summer days :)

On Sunday I took my Mum and Sister for a drive to Birmingham, in search of dresses for my cousin Nick's wedding in July. First shop we went in, Republic. I tried a few dresses and found one that I loved and that was a great fit. Here's my little Summery, floral find <3

Mum and Donna didn't find anything suitable, so they continue their search. As for me...I realised that (believe it or not, in all my hundreds of pairs of shoes!), I have none that will 'go' with this dress. A perfect excuse to buy a new pair ;) Even though money is lacking...
What type and colour shoes would suit this dress? Help me out ladies!

Going to Birmingham with no money was stressful, I saw LOADS I liked :( then we went into Selfridges...

I headed towards the Paul's Boutique section and next to it I saw some beautiful bag candy! Marc B bags!! OMG I fell in love! They are smart looking, but with a cute edge to them, and lovely colours! Here's a photo and the link for you all to go to their website and have a browse :) I have done so, and it upset me more (being poor!)...I want them all!


Source: Divine Trash

I also bought a special 125 Year Anniversary Coca Cola. I seem to have a bit of a thing for funky bottles! I also have the Ugly Betty bottle, Sex and The City, a mini Diet Coke glass bottle and a Chambord 'crowned' bottle on my shelf. Hey, I'm a collector of interesting bottles, haha!

As this next month is going to be a poor one due to bills etc I am going to be unable to treat myself to much, if anything at all, so I may just back-blog on recent purchases.

I also have some BIG events coming in the next month that I am SUPER excited about, like rocking out at Download Festival, followed by FINALLY going to see the mighty Kings of Leon the week after! Too excited :):):)

Hope all my followers are having a great week, almost the weekend, YAY!



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  3. Thank you :) For some reason I can't see you on my followers :-s xXx


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