Thursday 24 October 2013

Batiste Floral Dry Shampoo

It was only last week that I blogged about the exciting new variant of Batiste dry shampoo, Batiste Oriental and now, I have another new variant to share with you all!

Batiste Floral
(Not to be confused with Batiste Floral & Flirty Blush)
Once again, I was very excited to see an email pop up in my inbox, with information about the brand new Batiste Floral dry shampoo and I was very happy when Mr Postman delivered a can for me to try out.

Batiste have succeeded in creating another beautiful can design, this time a vintage-looking floral print, which is very Cath Kidston. As with all Batiste's variants, this can would make a very pretty addition to a dressing table or shelf.

Described as 'pretty & delicate', Batiste Floral is most definitely both. The floral fragrance is gorgeous, not overpowering, but stays around and keeps hair smelling fresh and floral.
"With top notes of Blossom, a heart of fruity Melon, Orange & Peach and a deep floral base of Rose, Muguet and Violet" - this is such a beautiful scented hair product, which transforms hair to look and smell super-lovely.

I really like Batiste Floral. If you are a fan of floral scents, this is a must have!

Batiste Floral is exclusive to Superdrug and retails at £2.99 for 200ml.

Will you be trying Batiste Floral?
What is your favourite variant?

Click here for my review on Batiste's other new variant, Batiste Oriental.


(Disclaimer: I was sent Batiste Floral to sample and consider for review. As per my previous Batiste posts, Batiste is a brand that I love and would highly recommend. As always, all opinions are my own and reviews are 100% honest)

Tuesday 22 October 2013

Frightful and Delightful - Halloween Wish List 2013

Halloween, oh how I love Halloween!

In the lead up to Halloween, I am currently lusting after many items that I have seen online. I have compiled a list of my favourites! I am very tempted to buy all of these...
Click the photo to enlarge.
(Photos from store websites)

Skeleton Dress - Missguided
Skull T-shirt - River Island
Lime Crime 'Poisonberry' Opaque Lipstick - Love Make Up (UK stockist)
Halloween Nail Wraps - Topshop
Pumpkin Face Jumper - Topshop

I am also looking to buy a long black wig. I would really like to try black hair, but without making the permanent commitment. I made that mistake back in 2007...
A black wig would be ideal for Halloween, but also for after Halloween.
Any recommendations of reasonably priced, good quality wigs would be very welcome!

Do you have a Halloween wish list?
Are you as excited as I am?


Thursday 17 October 2013

Batiste Oriental Dry Shampoo

As a big fan of Batiste dry shampoo, I was very excited when an email popped up in my inbox, telling me all about the new variant, Batiste Oriental.

I was even more excited to receive a can to review and share with you all.

Firstly, what a beautiful can! Batiste always stand out with their lovely can designs but Oriental is really something special. The colours and peacock are so pretty! This would look great on a dressing table and in my opinion, Batiste's cans are much more appealing than any rival dry shampoo.

Taking inspiration from the Far East, Batiste Oriental has fruity top notes, including apple, wild berry and grape, along with floral middle notes of Jasmine and Iris, with a base of rich coconut, sandalwood and cedar.
The smell is a nice floral-oriental 'floriental' mix and leaves hair smelling great, as well as feeling fresh and looking volumised.

I wash my hair every day at the moment, as I am working out in the gym 7 days a week. Though I haven't required Batiste from freshening up my hair, it has still come in handy, as I use it between work and the gym. I spray my hair with Batiste, before tying it up in a ponytail. I find that using Batiste adds volume and just makes my ponytail a little better. I'm not a fan of slicked-back ponytails, a mattified and volumised pony is best for me!

I used Batiste Oriental the other night, as we went out for my sister's birthday meal and I wanted to add some volume to my hair.
Overall, I am loving Batiste Oriental and would highly recommend it.

Batiste Oriental makes a great addition to my collection, which I blogged about earlier this year.

Batiste Oriental is available at Boots, Superdrug, ASOS, supermarkets and various chemists. RRP £2.99.

If you would like to check out any of my previous Batiste reviews, just use the Labels to the right!

Will you be trying Batiste Oriental?
What is your favourite Batiste variant?


Disclaimer: I was sent a can of Batiste Oriental for review purposes. I have been a massive fan of Batiste for years and have wrote many blog posts about Batiste. As always, all opinions are my own and reviews are 100% honest.

Saturday 12 October 2013

Hair Story Part 4: Tuquoise/Pastel Blue Mermaid Hair to Silver/Platinum Blonde

The blue and purple-pink Mermaid hair stayed strong throughout Download Festival and all the rain, then after a few washes and some fading, I decided to strip the colour.

I used 1 box of ColourB4, which I left on my hair for 60 minutes.

The end result was a turquoise/pastel blue shade, which I actually really liked. I’d always wanted to try pastel-coloured hair.

A couple of people described it as ‘Mermaid hair’, and anything mermaid is good with me.
Gradually, through use of John Frieda Go Blonde shampoo and conditioner, the turquoise/pastel blue faded to a light blonde/silver, almost platinum shade.
My hair excites me when it does this, just changes from shade to shade, like magic!
I have magical mermaid hair, yippee.

I kept my hair like this for a very short while, before having another great idea...

Stayed tuned for Part 5; my pastel-pink My Little Pony hair.


Thursday 26 September 2013

Hair Story Part 3: DIY Mermaid Hair With Schwarzkopf Live Color XXL Electric Blue and Shocking Pink

In my last post, I spoke about the pre-lightening process that I went through, using Schwarzkopf Live Color XXL 00B Max Blonde, in preparation for my blue and pink Download Festival hair. I also tested some Schwarzkopf Live Color XXL Electric Blue on a strand of hair.

The fourth day came, and it was time for the big hair colouring session. Time to brave it and go for the full head blue and pink...
Thankfully, I had decided that it was best to buy another box of Schwarzkopf Live Color XXL Electric Blue, as 1 box just wouldn’t have been enough!

Once again, my sister helped me out. Thanks Donna! We started by wetting my hair, then sectioning in to 2, with the hair brought to the front. We then covered the bottom of my hair in Schwarzkopf Live Color XXL Shocking Pink, before spreading Schwarzkopf Live Color XXL Electric Blue throughout the rest of my hair, from the roots, the start of the pink section. Once Donna had finished helping, we left the dye to develop, adding a little more Schwarzkopf Live Color XXL Shocking Pink with my glove-less fingers (sin!), particularly focusing on the area where the blue ended and pink began, to make sure no blue was left and that the colours blended together nicely.

The dyes were left to develop for around 30 minutes, before I got in the shower and washed my hair.
As I washed the colours together, the pink ended up more of a purple-pink shade, but I loved the end result.

Great success, I had the mermaid hair which I have always wanted.
Ignore the date, this was taken at Download Festival in June. A friend took this by surprise, I was unprepared but it came out quite cool! His caption of 'How can anyone be this photogenic' will forever make me smile. So sweet :)
Wet hair at Download. I would like to thank the rain for my lovely curls!
and here's my hair, post-Download rain and after a few washes:
The colours soon started to wash/fade out, in to various shades of blue, turquoise, yellow, green, pink and purple. Quite funky! I then stripped my hair, using ColourB4. More about what I did next coming up in Part 4 :)

After creating my Mermaid/Download hair, I was left with over half a tube of Schwarzkopf Live Color XXL Shocking Pink, which I kept hold of. Thankfully, the tube has a resealable lid. YAY!

Once again, I was left very impressed by Schwarzkopf's products and loved my hair colours.


Disclaimer: I was very excited to have been sent a box of Live Color XXL Electric Blue and Live Color XXL Shocking Pink from Schwarzkopf. The second box of Live Color XXL Electric Blue was purchased with my own money, as were the 2 boxes of Live Colour XXL Max Blonde, which I used in the pre-lightening process. I am a massive fan of Schwarzkopf and have used many of their hair colours and other products over the years, a lot of which can be found reviewed on my blog. Big thank you to Schwarzkopf for introducing me to these colours! 

Wednesday 25 September 2013

Hair Story Part 2: Going Blonde With Schwarzkopf Live Color XXL 00B Max Blonde

Part 2 of my Hair Story is finally here, this took a while, I know. Life!

In Part 3, I am going to go through my blue/purple-pink hair, aka Mermaid/Download hair. The look that I chose for this years Download Festival.

Before creating my Mermaid/Download hair, I pre-lightened my peachy-blonde hair (the result of using ColourB4 to strip out the faded reddish-brown shade, which was previously Schwarzkopf Red Berry Passion), to ensure that I got the brightest blue and pink that I could and to cover up the dark roots.
I have used many of Schwarzkopf's hair colors over the years and have always been impressed, so I decided to try their Live Color XXL 00B Max Blonde hair colour to pre-lighten my hair.
I bought a box of Schwarzkopf Live Color XXL 00B Max Blonde, yes, just 1 box. I later regretted this. 1 box was not enough for my long hair.
The dye was quite difficult to put through my hair, as it is very dry and powdery.
The end result was a bit of a shock,the roots had taken the dye, but the majority of my hair hadn’t.
I was left with a patchy ‘Racoon’ look. My fault for only using 1 box of dye.
I kept my hair like this the following day, before buying another box. Weirdly, I received compliments on the Racoon hair.
That night, my sister put the second box of Max Blonde on my hair.
The end result was very bright, slightly yellow-toned blonde.
I kept my hair blonde for the next day, before adding a blue streak that night night, as I wanted to try out Schwarzkopf Live Color XXL Electric Blue, before going for the full head.
Once I got it right and used the correct amount of dye, Max Blonde worked perfectly to achieve the result that I wanted. I was really impressed at how well and how bright it lightened my hair.
I am considering using Max Blonde again soon, as I want to pre-lighten my hair and try to even out my roots.

Stay tuned for my post about the blue and purple-pink Mermaid/Download hair.

Click here to read Part 1 of my Hair Story and check out my hair colour collage.


Monday 12 August 2013

Hair Story Part 1: A Whole Lotta Colour

Wow, my hair has changed a lot between June and August!

I’ve always been a fan of hair colour and being someone who gets bored easily and loves to experiment, at-home DIY hair colouring provides me with a lot of fun!

Earlier this year, Schwarzkopf kindly sent me 2 of their new shades from the Live Color XXL Ultra Brights range, Electric Blue and Shocking Pink. I was super-excited to have received these before they were even available in shops, but I had to hold back on using them, due to an important business meeting with work! I just wanted to get the colours on my locks!

So, it was June and Download Festival was fast approaching. I decided that I would use the dyes to create my ‘Download Hair’ of 2013. Last year, I had faded purple hair, a result of Schwarzkopf Cyber Purple fade-out, this year...I had blue and purple-pink mermaid hair, yay! Since then, my hair has continued to change, as you can see from my collage! Though a lot of these shades are results of hair colour fade-out. I love a good fade-out! I'm going to do a whole series of My Hair Story posts, featuring each of the main colours, what products I used and how I achieved them. My Hair Story will continue with a post on my ‘Mermaid/Download Hair’, so stay tuned for that.

I'd love to hear from fellow hair colour lovers!
Are you daring with hair colour?
What is your favourite colour?
At home DIY colouring, or done by salon pro's?


Disclaimer: Schwarzkopf kindly sent me 1 box of Electric Blue and 1 box of Shocking Pink, from their Live Color XXL Ultra Brights range, for review. I have always loved the brand and have blogged about them many times. My post on their Raspberry Rebel shade has received over 12,000 hits to date, for which I am very grateful and happy. I also used a box of Colour B4 (from Medichem), which was also sent to me some time ago, as a thank you for the review that I did on Colour B4.
As always, all opinions are 100% honest and my own. I would highly recommend both Schwarzkopf and Colour B4 and rave about these on my blog, on Twitter and away from the internet, to friends, family, bloggers and others!