Thursday, 19 July 2012

My Colour B4 Story

Oh My, I haven't blogged in over 3 weeks...
Apologies for being a poop blogger!

Life has been so hectic, but fun :)

Tonight's post is my experience with Colour B4 (Extra Strength) following on from my last post about my Hair Colour Dilemma...
(Thank you for all the lovely comments on that post, they made me smile!)

I decided to go for it and get my sister to Colour B4 my hair.

Parting with the faded out purple/multi-coloured hair was tough. Made worse by the fact people were still telling me they liked it and that it was cool up until the day I Colour B4'd!

Anyway, here's some photos...

(Excuse un-made-up face! and Good Charlotte tee from 2007 tour, muaha)


Part of the process, wrap your head in cling film to keep the heat in and help the product work!
(What a vile photo, haha!)
Had to sit like this for 60 minutes, fun.

Results straight after using Colour B4:

The next day, after another wash:

Before and After:

My Thoughts:

Overall I found that the product did as it was supposed to, so I'm pretty pleased and would recommend.
I knew it would leave a brassy tone, but it's quite an interesting one and I've had compliments on it.
I will be colouring my hair again very soon, I'm just rocking this shade out for a little while :)
Still not sure what colour to go next and I still have Chocolate Brown, Cyber Purple and Red Berry Passion dye at home!

Apparently my current shade is somewhere between ginger, strawberry blonde, peach, blonde, brassy blonde and also pinkish tones - so say friends and family!
Definitely a shade I've not been before anyway...

The only problem I had with Colour B4 is the smell...
The smell, it's so damn nasty!
Think eggy fart gas, not nice.
and I don't seem to be able to get rid of it, after many washes, sprays, perfumes, hair products, Batiste, etc :(
If anyone has any suggestions, please help! It has got milder now though...
Colour B4 contains no ammonia or bleach, which is also a big plus!

Other than the smell, the product is good, left me hair feeling soft and not dried out at all!
It pretty much works miracles.
I do have roots though, which is my fault for using it with such bad roots, not sure how to even my hair out...

Colour B4 is available at Boots, Superdrug and possibly other chemists.
I got mine on offer, 2 for 1 from Superdrug months ago! £11.99 for 2 boxes (yeah, I still have another box...).

Have you tried Colour B4?

I hope you are all well :)
I'll hopefully be getting more posts out from now on, must stop slacking and get back into blogging!
It's been my 25th birthday and everything.
So much to blog about!