Tuesday, 28 February 2012

MAC Viva Glam Nicki (and some fun with wigs!)

On Friday I received an email with a special code to purchase MAC's new Viva Glam Lipstick, fronted this year by Nicki Minaj (Ricky Martin represents the Lip Conditioner).

I couldn't resist!

So I ordered...second MAC lipstick in just 6 days!

BUT ALL proceeds go to the MAC Aids Fund so it's all good, technically I just gave money to charity and got a lipstick for it :)

Anyway, enough rambling, my lipstick arrived today, here's some photos for you all...

and as Nicki is a lover of wigs...
I decided to have some wig fun of my own :)



I know, what a dork :)

My Thoughts:


This is a Satin lipstick, so application is nice and smooth.
The lipstick is a yellow-toned pink/coral.
Long lasting.
and, as always, smells AMAZING!

The lipstick costs £13.50.

The latest Viva Glam collection should be available to all at some point this week/next week.

Will you be buying?

Have you already bought this?


Friday, 24 February 2012

I've Been Naughty...

I got an email with an exclusive presale code...

Oh dear.

How exciting though, yes??

Today has been a bad day (in a good way!)...

I may have bought an amazing dress from Topshop online, gone late-night shopping at Merry Hill and bought a couple of things also...and now bought another MAC lipstick.
I say may, only may...this may not have happened...



Thursday, 23 February 2012

FREE LUSH Face Mask Workshop...Ooooh, exciting!

Girlies, go getcha some Clipper Pure Green Tea!!!

That's a box of Clipper's Pure Green Tea and get a free LUSH face mask workshop and take home a pot of your own made Lush face mask :)

I got my box of Clipper from Asda, where it is on offer at just £1!!

Happy Zo


Joliebox February

Today the first Joliebox of 2012 arrived on my doorstep, the February beauty box.

A Joliebox drawstring bag, replacing the paper packaging:

What's in the Bag?

Looks interesting but is tiny!

I've just given this Lavera Hand Cream a try and it is nice :)

My hair needs this!

Not sure about this one, but I shall give it a try!

My Thoughts:
Well, in my honest opinion, I was not overwhelmed or excited about this box unfortunately.
The product that I most like from the box is the Macadamia Deep Repair Masque.
This box was the decision maker for me and I have decided that I will now cancel my subscription.


Did you get the February Joliebox?
What did you think, will you continue your subscription?

I'd love to hear others feedback, and any recommendations on the best beauty box to go with :)
I may well give up on the whole beauty box thing now, as I find that I have a mass store of beauty box products which I am trying to make use of, so it doesn't really seem worth continuing, when I could use the £10 on a couple of products from a shop instead...


Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Sunday & Payday Hauling

On Sunday I went shopping in Telford. I picked up a few things (with what was left of my money after London the day before!).

I mainly got things of my Wish List :)


New Look:

 One foot looks fatter than the other in this pic, haha!
Zebra Top £12.99
Wolf Top £12.99
'Toms' style pumps £7.99

River Island:

Leopard Skirt £16


 Miso Skull Ring £5

That's Entertainment:

 System of a Down 'Toxicity'
Smashing Pumpkins 'Siamese Dream'
2 for £5 (or £2.99 each)

Tuesday's Payday Treat:

River Island:

 Zebra MTV Top £20

 and I picked up a free copy of RI Style Insider mag :)

I also acquired this gorgeous ring, which my friend Kelly gave me (I swapped it with a ring she got me last year that was too small)

That's me done with shopping for a while now!

I can't believe it is Wednesday already, woohoo :)

Hope you are all having a good week!
I am currently watching She's The Man...I haven't seen this movie in years and OMG...Channing Tatum looks SO FINE (as always)!!


Tuesday, 21 February 2012

London: The Haul

My final London post is here :)
I was going to do this last night, following the other 2 posts, but before I knew it was 12:30am and I needed to shut down, finish watching The Big Bang Theory and get some sleep!

So, here we have what I brought home from my day out in London.
To quote Adele 'Girl Did Good', haha!

Tote (which was on my recent Wishlist post), £10
Adorable and so cool :)
Plus it saved me, as I put everything in there!

I found them!!!
Meadham Kirchhoff Nail Rock, £7.
and yes, I have used one of the rude ones, I'll do a post tomorrow :)

Spitalfields Market:
Oversized (the size of a single bed!!) scarf, £7.

It's pink, it's covered in's so Me :)


Finally got Hervana (without my mum being with me, telling me it is too expensive!), £23.50.
I was then told that if I bought a second product I would get a free umbrella...
So, I cracked and got I'm glam...therefore I am :)
Well, I did want it at Christmas and it was reduced from £28.50 to £19.50!

 Here's the gorgeous free umbrella, which broke after 2 mins use :-(

The damage :-(
Sad Zo.

Bourjois Boutique:
Freebies and goodies :) 

Purchases, 4 for £14, bargain!

The goody bag and contents, great selection :)

Candy Cakes, Covent Garden:
Muffin £3.50(!)
Lolly 80p (I also bought my sister one, how nice am I?)

Absolute BEAST of a cake!

 45 minutes to spare during my train change in Birmingham, I was drawn to Selfridges and the MAC counter :) 


MAC Naughty Saute Lipstick, £13.50
From the new Shop MAC Cook MAC Collection

I will be doing some posts, swatches, reviews on these products very soon :)

Happy Pancake Day!!
Shrove Tuesday.
It's 10:30pm and I STILL haven't had a pancake...