Friday, 3 February 2012

Outfits of the Weekend: Newcastle

This time last week I was enjoying a long weekend in Newcastle :)

After my usual going away fiasco...

1. Work out how many outfits are needed
2. Choose outfits/have a crisis(!)
3. Hang outfits on wardrobe and bedroom door
4. Give up on attempting to pack and leave 'til the last minute
5. Pack suitcase early hours of the morning, or on the day of leaving!
(Yes, I do this EVERY TIME!)

Queen of Overpacking :)

In my defence, half of this case was my sister's stuff :)

I wore the following outfits:

Thursday Night: Travelling up North after work

Love Alice in Wonderland :)

I did plan to wear black leggings...
 but I opted for something a lot more cosy :)

Yes, I went in the Services like this, styling :)
(No makeup, red face, eurgh! Didn't feel the need to put makeup on for a 5 hour nighttime journey!)

Faux leather jacket: Fave ever, New Look a couple of years ago!
Alice in Wonderland top: Urban Outfitters a year or so ago!
Lounge/PJ trousers: Primark, I love these too much.
Bag: Primark
Leopard pumps: Asda

Friday: Day out, sightseeing, riding the Metro to various locations, taking a nice ferry across the Tyne, followed by an evening Pizza Hut, walk around the City and a drink at the hotel bar :)
Nirvana jumper: H&M
Black tunic vest under: H&M
Black boots (Not shown in pic): Asda
and my beloved faux leather jacket and black Primark bag :)
Skull ring: Primark

New Jesus bracelet :)
£5 Miss Selfridge

Saturday Day: Day in the City Centre, followed by some more sightseeing, shopping and a meal at the hotel

  New outfit :)
Jumper: H&M
Faux leather skirt: Primark
Black 300 Denier tights: Asda
Pumps: Asda
Bag: Paul's Boutique Loves Barbie

 The Unicorn ring I got for £1 in Miss Selfridge sale the other week :)

Asda pumps, another one of my fave/most worn items!

Saturday Night: Night out on the Toon

Diamante covered body: New Look, a long time back but never wore until now!
Black tube skirt: New Look
Wedges: New Look (again!)
Bag: Next
White tiger bangle: Lipsy
Ring (not shown): Black plastic diamante covered Primark :)

This was a makeup bag, but I use it as a clutch :) Pink and zebra, amazing!

Sunday: A bit more sightseeing, with a yummy Carvery in between, then travelling home
Blouse: Hand-me-down from my sister (New Look), as she has lost 4 stone and has given me lots of her lovely clothes :) #WINNING
Black tunic vest under: H&M
Leggings: Primark
Boots: Asda

Ring: Primark a year or 2 ago!

Posing on a statue that had 1987, the year I was born on it :)
(Mum and Dad had to help me jump up on this, I'm short, the statue was tall next to me and it was so embarrassing, lol!)


I may follow this post with a Faces of the Day and Night post...
If you would like to see a post on my 'faces' (???), let me know below :) 


It's Friday, it's the weekend, it's funtime :) Woohoo!



  1. you look so cute in all of these :) x

  2. you look so lovely in all of those pictures! I love the fact that you opted for something more 'cosy' :) that's the important thing for me when I travel!! Great purchase, your Alice in Wonderland t shirt!! i just adore it, and even your unicorn ring!

    1. Thanks :) Yes, definitely!! It was a long bliming journey so I needed to be cosy! When we got to the service station I thought 'do I??' then decided stuff it, I don't care if people stare/laugh, haha! I got a couple of looks.
      I love it, I think it was about £10 or something crazy when I bought it :) and the unicorn ring, £1 was a great find!


  3. I LOVE that Alice In Wonderland top :D

    1. Thanks :) I love anything and everything Alice in Wonderland!!

  4. your make up bag is LUSH, im the queen of over packing too! im just do good at it, love your blog btw and im now following xx

    1. Haha :) Well, I used almost everything I took... Kinda!
      Thank you very much and thanks for following :)

  5. Beautiful post love your outfits <3 x

  6. i love your zebra bag!
    new to blogging :)
    laura xo

    1. Thank you :) I love anything zebra and pink!!
      Welcome to Blogger xx

  7. Thought I was following you but evidentely not, well I am now anyways. Love that Nirvana Jumper :) xx

    1. Haha, thanks for following :) I know, me too! Was so impressed when I found it and for that price, bearing in mind some Nirvana tees are about £35!


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