Tuesday, 21 February 2012

London: The Haul

My final London post is here :)
I was going to do this last night, following the other 2 posts, but before I knew it was 12:30am and I needed to shut down, finish watching The Big Bang Theory and get some sleep!

So, here we have what I brought home from my day out in London.
To quote Adele 'Girl Did Good', haha!

Tote (which was on my recent Wishlist post), £10
Adorable and so cool :)
Plus it saved me, as I put everything in there!

I found them!!!
Meadham Kirchhoff Nail Rock, £7.
and yes, I have used one of the rude ones, I'll do a post tomorrow :)

Spitalfields Market:
Oversized (the size of a single bed!!) scarf, £7.

It's pink, it's covered in's so Me :)


Finally got Hervana (without my mum being with me, telling me it is too expensive!), £23.50.
I was then told that if I bought a second product I would get a free umbrella...
So, I cracked and got I'm glam...therefore I am :)
Well, I did want it at Christmas and it was reduced from £28.50 to £19.50!

 Here's the gorgeous free umbrella, which broke after 2 mins use :-(

The damage :-(
Sad Zo.

Bourjois Boutique:
Freebies and goodies :) 

Purchases, 4 for £14, bargain!

The goody bag and contents, great selection :)

Candy Cakes, Covent Garden:
Muffin £3.50(!)
Lolly 80p (I also bought my sister one, how nice am I?)

Absolute BEAST of a cake!

 45 minutes to spare during my train change in Birmingham, I was drawn to Selfridges and the MAC counter :) 


MAC Naughty Saute Lipstick, £13.50
From the new Shop MAC Cook MAC Collection

I will be doing some posts, swatches, reviews on these products very soon :)

Happy Pancake Day!!
Shrove Tuesday.
It's 10:30pm and I STILL haven't had a pancake...



  1. I read other posts is well saying that they bought Bourjois stuff because they were on offer..where abouts is that? A special shop or anywhere that stocks bourjois?? :)


    1. It was at Beach Blanket Babylon in Shoreditch but ended yesterday :( As far as I am aware, the offer was just at the Boutique.

  2. Your haul makes me jelly! Definitely a fan of the Bourjois products and the Topshop tote, it's too cute. :) x

    1. Jelly, haha, that's cute :)
      Thanks, I loved the bag as soon as I saw it online, so I just had to get it when I found it in store, plus it was my saviour as everything else fit into it!

  3. Looks like you've got some great stuff! :) xx

    1. Thanks :) I think I did pretty well! Though I told myself I wouldn't really buy anything there...then ended up coming home with a ton of cosmetics :-/ oops!

  4. I still haven't gone to London :(! I really want to go but I live in Edinburgh :/ Love everything you bought that cake looks so good! x

    1. Oh no :( That is quite a way! You should definitely go sometime, go for a weekend so you have plenty of time! Travelodges and similar hotels on the outskirts can be found at reasonable prices on occassion!
      Thank you :) The cake was a bit crazy, there was too many to choose from so I just picked that one. I did feel a tad sick afterwards though :-/


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