Monday, 20 February 2012

London: Bourjois Boutique and Purchases *Another Pic Heavy Post*

I was pretty excited to see that on the day that I went on spontaneous trip to London, the Bourjois Boutique was happening at Beach Blanket Babylon in Shoreditch.

I made my way from Spitalfields Market to Shoreditch, bumping into 2 pink wig wearing ladies who were promoting the event and handing out flyers.

It was 30 minutes until the event started and I was told I would get one of the 50 goody bags, as there were only a few girls there at that point, more excited.

The event was held in a gallery above Beach Blanket Babylon.

Bourjois products were available, with 65% off! The deal was 2 for £9, 3 for £12, or 4 for £14.

I bought 4 products :)

On offer at the event were free manicures, nail art, hair styling and makeovers, along with live body art being done on a model, and some photographers taking photos in the corner.

I was asked if I wanted my photo taken, but declined at first.

I then had my hair styled in a wavy look.
The hair stylist used Lee Stafford heat defence (which smelt so good!), followed by an InStyler curler (which was cool, I've never seen them before!), then finishing by running her fingers through the curls to make them more wavy and sealing with some Lee Stafford hairspray.

Nice bit of free pampering :)

I then decided to have a photo taken by the photographer, Danny Higgins.

Danny was very friendly and asked me about my day, how I heard about the event and about my blog.
He then found me about 10 minutes later and showed me my photo on his iPad, after it had been uploaded to Facebook :)

I spent a total of 1 hour 30 minutes at the Bourjois Boutique, before taking my shopping list to the 'sweet shop' style area, where the girl picked the products from giant sweetie jars :)

Here's a few more photos I took at the event:

These were on my shopping list, but I decided to leave it at the last minute.

and here's what I left the event with:

4 for £14.

 Goody bag :)

Overall I enjoyed the Bourjois Boutique and think it was a great idea and fantastic event.

and I was so happy to have got a goody bag, aswell as picking up a free copy of Look magazine!

I hope you enjoyed my photos :)

Did you visit the Bourjois Boutique?


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  1. Great pictures! You looked lovely :) xx

  2. Wow, looks great! Wish I could get up to London for it xx

    1. It was :) Such a great girly event! I almost didn't go as I was alone but glad I did :)


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