Friday, 17 February 2012

London Calling : )

OMG, I am so very excited right now!!

I just booked (after debating ALL DAY!!) a train ticket to London tomorrow!!!

I'm going alone, which is the first time alone in London, so I'm a bit nervous, mainly because I have brilliant getting lost skills and bad timekeeping...

But I am also very excited to have a little Me time and lone adventure :)

I've got my day all planned out:

Spitalfields Market
Bourjois Boutique
Covent Garden
Leicester Square
Oxford Street
and then home :)

On a downside, I am very ill, tired and it is forecast to be heavy rain tomorrow : (

But still, I am excited :) :) :)

Not so excited about the 5am alarm though and hoping/praying I won't fall asleep on the train and miss any changes!

I'm excited to visit the Bourjois Boutique in Shoreditch :)
Anyone else going??

So, it's off to sort my outfit, choose a handbag, charge my iPod, top-up my Oyster card and get some shut eye...

Woo :)

Have a good weekend all!



  1. Have a great time! London is fantastic and Oxford Street is like shopping heaven :P

  2. Im so jel! I wanna gooo! Take lots of picsss please lol x

  3. Good luck! Sure you'll have lots of fun!

  4. im sure you will have an amazing time x

  5. Thank you for all your comments girlies :) I had a fun day and got home safe!

    Pics are up now and I'm doing a post on the Bourjois Boutique and my London Haul next ;) For any of you that are interested to have a peek xx


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