Monday, 23 May 2011

Gold Blood...Kids in Glass Houses

Very excited tonight :):):)

Went on Facebook earlier and up popped a status from Kids in Glass Houses, one of my favourite bands, with announcement of new single, new album AND a new tour!! OMG! Excitement! Then the link to their new site ( wouldn't work as all us fans crashed it lol. I tried constantly to get on to get the free download of their new track 'Gold Blood' as I missed Zane Lowe playing it on his show, but no luck :(

Just tried again now, and IT WORKS!! A tad slow, works, YES! I am now registered but as I am impatient I am now listening to Zane Lowe's show on iPlayer :-) I'm liking the track! More Summery tuneage from the band.


 Source: Facebook 

I first discovered Kids in Glass Houses when they supported 30 Seconds to Mars (One of my other fav bands!) at Manchester Student Union in January 2007! That was the first time I saw 30STM too, I've now seen them 7/8 times <3 The gig was like £7 a ticket or something crazy if I remember correctly and well worth it as it introduced me to what was to become 2 of my favourite bands <3 <3 I also got to meet 30STM afterwards and Jared Leto said my DIY tee was cool, *FAINTS*. I replied with some totally dorky thing, I believe it was 'thanks, I LOVE YOUR BAND!' get my drift, one of those 'Oh God...what did I just do?!'.

Anyway, I've seen KIGH a couple more times since then on their own tours, the first being at the Bar Academy in Birmingham, which was TINY with just a few of us on the front row basically UNDER Aled lol! Me and my sister met them after the gig, and I was also lucky enough to meet Aled again with my friend Kelly after the last gig I went to in November :)

I wont post the pic of the first time I met them as I hate it, jet black hair, all hot and messy-haired with non-existant make-up at the end of gig, noooo! is the most recent pic of me and Aled, lead singer of KIGH <3 Gorgeous Voice!! I am still not keen on me in the pic but oh well...

So, I recommend you check out Kids in Glass Houses ;-)

Anyone else a fan?


Thursday, 19 May 2011

The Past Week

Sorry for not blogging for a week now! I tried to do a blog last week, the night before I headed to Blackpool, but Blogger was down :( and I have been busy this week trying to sort through paperwork and things! Yawn! But I am back :)

Friday I had the day off work and it was an exciting day :), then I went to Blackpool with my Sister and friend Hayley for the night. Good times had. My first trip to Blackpool in 2011 (last year I went 5 times!!). All 3 of us girls wore floral tops, we were like a bunch of flowers lol! Here's my outfit:
The top was dug out from my wardrobe, from when I was about 16-17! One of those 'I'll keep it as I may wear it one day!'.

Shoes at the ready :)

Drinks at the ready too :)

Girlies at the ready :)

I look funny here but I wanted to put a photo of the mirror on here...'Make up mirror' - how cute? These were in the fancy toilets underneath the uber-funky CoCo club. Although the mens and womens are both down there and the sinks and mirror area is unisex, which I didn't like! But they were some smart toilets though lol!

The Tower, having some work done

I had a quick browse round a few shops whilst in Blackpool, including Primark! It HAS to be done, the Primark there is huge!!
I made only one purchase, due to funds.

This cute bag was just £9 and perfect for Summer days :)

On Sunday I took my Mum and Sister for a drive to Birmingham, in search of dresses for my cousin Nick's wedding in July. First shop we went in, Republic. I tried a few dresses and found one that I loved and that was a great fit. Here's my little Summery, floral find <3

Mum and Donna didn't find anything suitable, so they continue their search. As for me...I realised that (believe it or not, in all my hundreds of pairs of shoes!), I have none that will 'go' with this dress. A perfect excuse to buy a new pair ;) Even though money is lacking...
What type and colour shoes would suit this dress? Help me out ladies!

Going to Birmingham with no money was stressful, I saw LOADS I liked :( then we went into Selfridges...

I headed towards the Paul's Boutique section and next to it I saw some beautiful bag candy! Marc B bags!! OMG I fell in love! They are smart looking, but with a cute edge to them, and lovely colours! Here's a photo and the link for you all to go to their website and have a browse :) I have done so, and it upset me more (being poor!)...I want them all!


Source: Divine Trash

I also bought a special 125 Year Anniversary Coca Cola. I seem to have a bit of a thing for funky bottles! I also have the Ugly Betty bottle, Sex and The City, a mini Diet Coke glass bottle and a Chambord 'crowned' bottle on my shelf. Hey, I'm a collector of interesting bottles, haha!

As this next month is going to be a poor one due to bills etc I am going to be unable to treat myself to much, if anything at all, so I may just back-blog on recent purchases.

I also have some BIG events coming in the next month that I am SUPER excited about, like rocking out at Download Festival, followed by FINALLY going to see the mighty Kings of Leon the week after! Too excited :):):)

Hope all my followers are having a great week, almost the weekend, YAY!


Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Goodbye purple...Hello brown :) & MAC Surf Baby

Ah...relief! The 'Chocolate Truffle' took ok on top of the purple, hurrah :) I still think there is a hint of the purple throughout but am impressed overall and quite liking the new colour! Really feeling like I should change my blog name though...
I must say, this round of home-dyeing was the easiest and most comfortable yet! My sister Donna kindly put the dye on for me, and for a change from the norm I got in the shower to wash the dye out, rather than sitting, breaking my neck over the side of the bath whilst Donna washes it out (like we usually do!). Only left the dye on for about 10 minutes, the smell was lovely, my hair is shiny and I like the colour.

Overall, I am very impressed with L'oreal Casting Creme Gloss and shall be using again <3 Well, I need to anyway as I bought 2 packs and only needed the 1! I do want to try one of the more reddish colours though, like what Cheryl had <3

Recommendations of brands and colours welcome :) What hair colour are you loving right now?

Here's a few photos of me 'posing' with my new colour (taken tonight in my bedroom. I haven't seen it in natural daylight yet but hope it's even nicer!)

The lipstick I am wearing is my new MAC Hibiscus, from the Surf Baby collection, which arrived today at work :)
This was the only product I bought from the Surf Baby collection.
I usually go for pink lipsticks, so this is very different. I am unsure about it at the moment, but it might grow on me. I think I am just so use to pinky colours, purples and sometimes red. I haven't seen this in natural light yet so it might be nicer then. I think I will like it more then, as these photos were taken in my room, with the flash, and I look pretty pale, with dark hair and lipstick. I do love the texture though, it is a Cremesheen lipstick and therefore is really glossy and smooth to apply.

A few photos below:
I was going to crop this to just the lips but I like how shiny and sleek my hair looks :)

Hope you have all had a good day :)

Change is coming...

TBC...*fingers crossed*


Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Just a general update :)

I have a follower! Hello to Jade H of All Things Fabulous, my first follower :)

I am still very new to this whole blogging business and need to get myself started with following, and getting followers! The question is 'Where do I start??'. I feel slightly clueless atm.

So today I received an email from MAC, my Surf Baby order has finally been dispatched! YAY! I only ordered the Hibiscus lipstick, can't wait for it to arrive! Hopefully it will arrive before Friday so I can sport it on my night out in Blackpool.

I'm also happy this evening to randomly see Kandee pop up on my Facebook news feed with a link to my blog, thanks Kandee :) I look forward to owning a pair of your shoes when money allows and when I can choose which pair to get, seriously TOO many cute shoes available <3 hair hair...!! I know this blog is called Blue Eyed Blonde...but I am currently a 'Purplette', however I am a natural blonde, and deep down I will always be blonde, and shall return to blonde soon :) So I didn't feel the need to change the name of my blog you see. However, more change is coming and I need advice! Before Friday preferably...

I am considering dying my hair again!!

The purple has faded, my roots are showing and my hair just needs a top-up of colour. Also, it's my cousins wedding (yay!) in just over 3 weeks and I feel like I should have a more 'natural' look for it. But I then want to return to purple a few days later in time for the mighty Download Festival!

Is this a good idea?? Will my hair fall out?? Will brown take over faded purple?? Will the purple take back over the brown after??


Here's some photo's of the current state of my hair:

 I couldn't tell you how many different colours I can currently see in my hair! I'm especially loving the yellow patch which has appeared :)

Help would be greatly appreciated!


Sunday, 8 May 2011

I want Kandee!

OMG, I am soooo sad right now :'( Last night I discovered Kandee shoes have a Facebook page (Kandee), so I became a fan, then saw that they were in the middle of a 'sample sale', something which I had never heard of before! So, I had a look but sadly, most were a size 6 and 7, I am a size 5! They had some great deals on shoes which have been used in magazine photo shoots. I almost bought (with the last of my savings!) the Dollymix wedges, which I have wanted for ages, just £10 from £99! But I didn't, then decided to go for find they had just sold out, gutted!

To make myself happy again, I had a browse through Kandee's albums and my eyes were drawn to some of the AW11 sneak previewed shoes, Cherry Cola and the other un-named glitter wedges, me thinks I shall be saving to purchase a pair of one of these when they come out :-)

For now, I still liked the Sours range, and a few other pairs, but do not have the money at present. Then I checked Kandee's Facebook again just a few minutes ago to have another look and to my excitement I read they are now doing a sale on all their shoes!! JOY! I headed straight for their website and checked out what was heart sunk <\3 The Sours were all reduced, by 50%, but all size 5's and even 6's (as a desperate resort!) had sold out :(

It is fair to say I am now a very sad girl.

I will one day own a pair of Kandee shoes <3


Thursday, 5 May 2011

Elvis Jesus: Up to 80% Off Sale

Today I received an email from Secret Sales, containing details of their latest sales, and on that email was Elvis Jesus. I like Elvis Jesus clothes but they are quite pricey, so this was the perfect opportunity! I have been browsing and found 2 tops I like and want...saving £91 off the original total, such a good offer...

Unfortunately, the one item I PRAYED was on there isn't :( The pink sequin mermaid vest, which is sold out everywhere and I have never been able to find! So I am sad about that. But as for these other 2 tops...



Tuesday, 3 May 2011

MAC Surf Baby

Today it appears MAC have released their Surf Baby collection...YAY!!

I haven't looked in detail yet but saw the promo pics, which have been around for some time now. I have my eye on one of the lipsticks, and the lipglass which I read was a re-promote of Venomous Villains Strange Potion.

I only own MAC lipsticks at the moment. I'm a lippie lover :)

I'm now going to have a look at what is available, luckily I have a bit saved at the moment, though that's quickly disappearing... I also just FINALLY bought the map tote from Urban Outfitters, which I have been after since December and could no longer find in stores! So excited, when it arrives at my office it'll be like Christmas <3