Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Just a general update :)

I have a follower! Hello to Jade H of All Things Fabulous, my first follower :)

I am still very new to this whole blogging business and need to get myself started with following, and getting followers! The question is 'Where do I start??'. I feel slightly clueless atm.

So today I received an email from MAC, my Surf Baby order has finally been dispatched! YAY! I only ordered the Hibiscus lipstick, can't wait for it to arrive! Hopefully it will arrive before Friday so I can sport it on my night out in Blackpool.

I'm also happy this evening to randomly see Kandee pop up on my Facebook news feed with a link to my blog, thanks Kandee :) I look forward to owning a pair of your shoes when money allows and when I can choose which pair to get, seriously TOO many cute shoes available <3 hair hair...!! I know this blog is called Blue Eyed Blonde...but I am currently a 'Purplette', however I am a natural blonde, and deep down I will always be blonde, and shall return to blonde soon :) So I didn't feel the need to change the name of my blog you see. However, more change is coming and I need advice! Before Friday preferably...

I am considering dying my hair again!!

The purple has faded, my roots are showing and my hair just needs a top-up of colour. Also, it's my cousins wedding (yay!) in just over 3 weeks and I feel like I should have a more 'natural' look for it. But I then want to return to purple a few days later in time for the mighty Download Festival!

Is this a good idea?? Will my hair fall out?? Will brown take over faded purple?? Will the purple take back over the brown after??


Here's some photo's of the current state of my hair:

 I couldn't tell you how many different colours I can currently see in my hair! I'm especially loving the yellow patch which has appeared :)

Help would be greatly appreciated!



  1. Hey Zoe :)
    Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog and of course I remember you :) I think go blonde again for the summer or go brown and have dip dyed blonde ends! I love that look at the moment, it looks so summery :) Hope you're okay :) x

  2. Hey Corrie :)
    No problem, haha good good :)
    I considered blonde again but going to leave that maybe til later in Summer :) Liking the idea of the dip dyed blonde ends...never considered that one! I've been and bought 'Chocolate Truffle' dye today, hopefully going to dye it tonight and HOPEFULLY it will come out ok over the multi-tonal purple!
    I'm ok thanks, you? x


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