Friday, 30 September 2011

NOTN, FOTN, OOTN & Some Internet Crazes :)

Hello :)

So, it's 2:40am and I should really be asleep, especially as my sister has told me that we are going shopping at 10am! But, it is just TOO hot and muggy :-( and I am sleeping on the sofa for the 5/6th night, as my bedroom is currently a disaster zone, in the process of being cleared out for new flooring and the arrival of my lovely black faux-leather ottoman bed next Tuesday :)

I just wanted to do a quick post on last night (Thursday). I went out to meet some lad friends for the usual Thursday night catch-up at Players Bar, then I left to meet my girl friends in Revival nightclub, then down to C21 club. I had to call it a night at about 1:15am, as it was a work night and my tummy hurt from the Diet Coke & Blackcurrant Sodas, boo :-( but it was good fun still :)

I decided to go for the rock chick look :) and also wore flats for a change, which felt so good!!

GOSH 'OH MY GOSH' nail varnish in shade 019 Mouse Grey :)

Matted :)

*Excuse the funky shower cap* :-p

17 Skin Perfecting Shine Free Foundation 'Natural'
Tesco 'Barbara Daly' One Step Powder Foundation 'Soft Beige'

Vivo Baked Bronze 'Sun Kiss'
Accessorize Blush 'Diva'
 MAC 'Pink Friday' Lipstick
Vivo Baked Shimmer Palette 'Paparazzi' Black Eyeshadow

L'Oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes mascara 'Black'

Topshop Eyeliner 'Graphite'


Boob Tube: Dorothy Perkins
Leggings: Primark
Scarf: Bank
Bag: River Island (about 6 years ao!!)

Necklace: (a present from my lovely friend Kelly) Forever 21 :)

Me, Aimee & Sally in C21 :)

Some internet crazy fun :)

I just wanted to post Mirrored Aviators, which I bought from Primark back in June and haven't seen since! Well, clearing out my room I found them :) YAY! Just £2, bargain, considering I nearly paid £12 for some at Download Festival the week before!

Hope you all have a fab weekend :)


Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Soap & Glory Goodies :)

Good evening all :)

What a lush day it was today, loving this Summer weather...not loving being stuck in the office though :(

At lunch time I drove up to Boots at the retail park. I went in need of make-up wipes, which I got, but also had a little browse around (the Christmas gifts are AMAZING!! Lots of Wish List items!). Whilst on my way to the Christmas gift section, I decided to look at the Soap and Glory make-up bags, which I have wanted for MONTHS now...well, I was shocked and over-excited to see the label saying 'Clearance £3.50' on The 'All' Set, which was the main one I wanted, and was previously £14!!! I could not believe my eyes. £3.50 for 3 GORGEOUS Soap and Glory make-up bags?!? The others were also on offer, but there was only 1 other type left, the less exciting of the lot.

I got the 3 set though :) and here they are, along with the Clear Here cleansing cloths...

Clear Here cleansing cloths: £4.50, Boots.

The 'All' Set: £3.50 (yes, THREE POUNDS AND FIFTY PENCE!!) from £14! Lotta love for Boots :)

The gorgeous interior lining, which is so pretty that I don't want to put any make-up in now, incase it leaks...!

The lining reads 'At Soap and Glory, we believe you shouldn't have to spend an arm and a leg to moisturize one.'...CUTE!

So impressed with my find :) Mum wants a set now! They are still £14 online, but check your local Boots store for clearance ;-)

I have just used one of the cleansing cloths, and my face is now all tingly, as says the label. I love Soap and Glory! Oh, and let's not start on the Christmas gifts...I could write all night! Amaze.

Are you a fan of S and G? What is your favourite product?


Monday, 26 September 2011

Weekend Hauling :)

So, I've posted my Weekend in for the haul :)
After last weekend's shopping trip with no money, and since being paid now, I did a bit of shopping this weekend :)

Telford Spree:

Home Bargains:

Masks for Donna's Birthday Weekend :) We plan to wear these at Alton Towers, and at random moments throughout the weekend, haha. £1.29 each.

Muslin Cloth: 69p(?).
Face Mattifying Paper: 99p(?), I paid £5 for some of these recently!
Sponge (for nail art): 39p.
Barbie Purse: £1.25(!).
Bedroom Plaque: £1.99(?).

(These next few have rotated and wont go back :-\ Cue head tilt, haha)

I found this Barbie purse just on a shelf on it's own, so I grabbed it, took it to the till, asked how much it was...£1.25!!! BARGAIN BARBIE <3


The Batiste was on offer at the till for £1.45!
Cuticle sticks: 99p.
Conditioning Cuticle Cream: £1.99(?).


 The Comforter, a present for Donna's Birthday, and some facial scrub, as I just finished my Herbalism (1 day after the 'use by' date...)

I was very impressed with Herbalism, and would recommend, especially if you suffer from oily skin! However, I wanted to try something different this time, so I went for Angels on Bare Skin :)

Angels on Bare Skin: £5.95.


The Beatles tee, as mentioned in my recent post :) : £22.


Ouija vest, as mentioned in one of my recent posts :)
I had a panic, as I couldn't see it anywhere, then I found one on the sale rail, £10 from £16.99, even better! It was only a six 6 though...BUT, they are baggy tops, so all was well and I got it, yay!

Not my usual size :-p


Rebellion Men's Fragrance: £4.

Men's fragrance for Dad :) Smells really nice!

Shimmer Blush Hearts, just £1. I will swatch these soon ;-)

Shimmer Blush Hearts: £1.

The infamous fleece bottoms :) Finally got me some! £5. I also plan to buy the light grey pair!

Just some standard leggings: £2.50 & £3.

Random vests: £3 (2-pack) & £2.

I am not 100% sure of some of the prices and have lost the receipts in my room, but I have put what I think they cost :)

Did you haul this weekend?


Weekend in Pictures :)

Hi Everyone :)

It's Monday again, doesn't the weekend fly?! Plus, I had a hospital appointment today, which I was dreading, so I tried to fill my weekend as much as possible with fun and laughter to take my mind of things. All was ok at the hospital in the end, nothing to worry about, thankfully! Though I had to have an Ultrasound, which was weird, as when you think of them you think of pregnant women having them, I am not pregnant btw, it was a check-up.

So I had a busy weekend, which was good fun :) Below are some photos of my weekend.

Friday night I stayed in.

Saturday: Day out with the family at Bridgnorth, Ironbridge World Heritage 25th Anniversary Festival & a lush veggie carvery :)

Face, featuring the 17 All About Nude palette, which I got free when purchasing 2x 17 products a while ago :)

Outfit: Primark...EVERYTHING! The only thing that wasn't Primark was my panties :)

I got this poodle print dress from a shop in Bridgnorth, £15.

One of the stalls along The Wharfage in Ironbridge, this one stood out, as you can pretty and pink!
The Iron Bridge itself.

I LOVED this notice board, but everyone was saying it wasn't worth £18, as it'd be cheap to make. It was so cute though...
Donna & I, on the bridge :)

I got this from a little vintage boutique in Bridgnorth, £3.99. It just made me chuckle :)
Some 'Jen & Berry's' for pudding when we got home...yum!
Sunday: Antiquity Vintage Fair in Madelely & shopping in Telford :)

The day's accesories and cute bits :)
I look very white on here, the flash does me no justice sometimes.

Primark watch :) Love this!
Republic ring :)
So I bought this cardi about 3 years ago...
Kinda forgot I had it and it has been in my wardrobe since! Oops.
Cardi, Bank
Dress, New Look
Leggings, Primark 
Bag, Primark

Shoes, Primark.
Donna :)
 Antiquity Vintage Fair at The Anstice Memorial Institute, Madeley.
It was very small (but a great old building & ballroom), I saw a couple of little things, but left empty handed...well, not quite...
 My favourite, Queenies Cupcakery were there for the day :) Yum <3
- These weren't all mine.

So that was my fun weekend :)

Hope you all had a great weekend :)

Haul post to follow...