Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Tesco Vivo Cosmetics & Prestige Lipstick

Second post of the evening, as promised :)

On Saturday I made a visit to Tesco, and whilst walking down the make-up and cosmetics aisle I was over-excited to discover a new beauty range, Vivo cosmetics.

The products looked great and were cheap, though due to my lacking funds I shouldn't have spent any money, but I had to give Vivo a try! So I chose 2 products...

Baked Bronze 'Sun Kiss', £5

Baked Shimmer Palette 'Paparazzi', £6

and now for the swatches, as you will see from the first photo (with flash) I struggled to get a good photo. And the first photo also has seemed to rotate itself!

Swatches of Paparazzi and Sun Kiss

With flash.

Without flash, under lighting.

The bronzer I found to be very light and hard to photograph (see photos below), whilst the shimmer palette is fab, great colours, and really shimmery!

There is plenty more I want from the range, when I have money I will definitely be returning to the Vivo section :)

~Prestige Lipstick~

At lunch time today I paid a visit to Boots, in search of Barry M's new Nail Effects, which sadly was not available yet. However, as always I was unable to leave the store empty handed!
I noticed a Prestige stand, which I wouldn't usually look at, but was drawn to the fact that it was almost empty of stock, then I saw the 50% off sign. I spotted 2 lipsticks that I thought were nice, one was called 'Pink Diamonds', and was a nice shimmery pink, the other was 'Peach Passion', a shimmery peachy-orange. I couldn't decide, but with help from my friend Kelly, and also the fact that I have a lot of pink lipsticks, I decided to go for 'Peach Passion'. This was reduced from £6.49 to £3.24.

Me, wearing my new Prestige 'Peach Passion' lipstick and also Vivo 'Sun Kiss' Baked Bronze (though you can't tell as my face came out so white in the photo!)
Trying to show Vivo 'Sun Kiss' Baked Bronze, you can see it a bit on here!

Have you checked out the Vivo collection at Tesco yet? If so, what do you think?


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