Monday, 26 September 2011

Weekend in Pictures :)

Hi Everyone :)

It's Monday again, doesn't the weekend fly?! Plus, I had a hospital appointment today, which I was dreading, so I tried to fill my weekend as much as possible with fun and laughter to take my mind of things. All was ok at the hospital in the end, nothing to worry about, thankfully! Though I had to have an Ultrasound, which was weird, as when you think of them you think of pregnant women having them, I am not pregnant btw, it was a check-up.

So I had a busy weekend, which was good fun :) Below are some photos of my weekend.

Friday night I stayed in.

Saturday: Day out with the family at Bridgnorth, Ironbridge World Heritage 25th Anniversary Festival & a lush veggie carvery :)

Face, featuring the 17 All About Nude palette, which I got free when purchasing 2x 17 products a while ago :)

Outfit: Primark...EVERYTHING! The only thing that wasn't Primark was my panties :)

I got this poodle print dress from a shop in Bridgnorth, £15.

One of the stalls along The Wharfage in Ironbridge, this one stood out, as you can pretty and pink!
The Iron Bridge itself.

I LOVED this notice board, but everyone was saying it wasn't worth £18, as it'd be cheap to make. It was so cute though...
Donna & I, on the bridge :)

I got this from a little vintage boutique in Bridgnorth, £3.99. It just made me chuckle :)
Some 'Jen & Berry's' for pudding when we got home...yum!
Sunday: Antiquity Vintage Fair in Madelely & shopping in Telford :)

The day's accesories and cute bits :)
I look very white on here, the flash does me no justice sometimes.

Primark watch :) Love this!
Republic ring :)
So I bought this cardi about 3 years ago...
Kinda forgot I had it and it has been in my wardrobe since! Oops.
Cardi, Bank
Dress, New Look
Leggings, Primark 
Bag, Primark

Shoes, Primark.
Donna :)
 Antiquity Vintage Fair at The Anstice Memorial Institute, Madeley.
It was very small (but a great old building & ballroom), I saw a couple of little things, but left empty handed...well, not quite...
 My favourite, Queenies Cupcakery were there for the day :) Yum <3
- These weren't all mine.

So that was my fun weekend :)

Hope you all had a great weekend :)

Haul post to follow...


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