Wednesday, 21 September 2011

A Little Pay Day Spending :)

Good Evening, well 1am...I really need to start going to bed earlier at night :-\

It's one of my favourite days...PAY DAY! YAY :)

So, today has been productive...I spoke my mind and voiced my opinion on a few things (which felt so much better to not keep things locked in any longer!), I booked the hotels for my sisters 21st Birthday weekend (Blackpool & Liverpool Albert Dock - can.not.wait!) and I filled up my car (finally!).

This evening I went to Telford, to the retail park which has a B&M Store, as I needed some more shoe boxes, well, I need quite a few more, but just got 6 more for now as they are cheap from there ;-) Went round a few of the shops up there, then to Tesco back in Shrews to get a few things too (some I can't show as they are presents!). 

I am currently listening to some Nirvana <3 Which starts me off on today's little haul...

Kerrang mag, celebrating 20 years of Nirvana's 'Nevermind' <3

B&M <3

Shoe boxes: £2.49 for 3!
Zebra storage seat (because I love zebra!): £3.99

Next up a visit to Boots, sprayed some perfume and had a little (sensible headed!) browse.
Got a few things which are presents, so can't show.
But, following my recent post on a Prestige lipstick I bought, I found another gorge one tonight, this time 75% off, at just £1.62! Also included in 3 for 2 offer! Crazy.

Prestige 'Romantic Red' Lipstick: £1.62

This is in my dimly lit living room, so not the best swatch but you can see how shimmery the lipstick is. It is a lovely reddy-pink colour, not bold red.

Another swatch attempt.

Next up, Tesco.
I got a few things, including Kerrang mag, but can't show some, as again they are presents :)

More Vivo from Tesco :) I couldn't resist...I fear it may be a problem now, everytime I go to Tesco having to look and be tempted!
Also got some hand sanitizer for my car, only 65p...bargain!

Vivo Baked Blush in Peaches and Cream: £4, Tesco

I couldn't really get a good swatch photo in dim light, but you can see the colour of the blush in the pot on this :)

Swached in dim light (I will show in natural light ASAP)

Still trying to get a good swatch photo!

The Baked Blush is a gorgeous colour, and I really like these :) They very much remind me of the Accesorize ones! and so cheap!

We popped in to Outfit at the retail park and I spotted a CUTE dress in the Dorothy Perkins section, which I really want for Donna's Birthday weekend.


I also spotted a Beatles Abbey Road tee in Topshop section, which I love and think would be very apt for Liverpool :)

(Photos from Dorothy PerkinsTopshop websites)

I shall leave you all with my words of wisdom of the day...
If you have something on your mind that is bugging or upsetting you, speak up! Tell someone how you feel and don't keep it trapped inside. You'll feel much better for it :)



  1. I have those shoe storage boxes, I have a shoe cupboard and they're great because I can see all my shoes without opening all the boxes!
    Love the pink dress, you should get it :)

  2. P.S there's a blog award for you over at my blog :) xx

  3. I know, they are great :) Good price too. I paid about £30 for 10 boxes back when clear shoe boxes first came out...and I have 20 of those type :-\ Then I found some slightly cheaper online, and in Blackpool back in July I found these, so going to stick with B&M now!
    Clear shoe boxes...what a saviour!
    I also saw B&M had an under-bed shoe storage, which holds 12 pairs (flats), that was just £1.99! I already got one a while ago though and paid £6 :( Just going to stick with B&M for storage solutions now :)
    I have an ottoman bed arriving a week on Tues, so can store loads inside, hurrah!
    Thanks, it's so cute, going to go try it this weekend :)
    and thank you for the blog award, I will go look now ;)


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