Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Soap & Glory Goodies :)

Good evening all :)

What a lush day it was today, loving this Summer weather...not loving being stuck in the office though :(

At lunch time I drove up to Boots at the retail park. I went in need of make-up wipes, which I got, but also had a little browse around (the Christmas gifts are AMAZING!! Lots of Wish List items!). Whilst on my way to the Christmas gift section, I decided to look at the Soap and Glory make-up bags, which I have wanted for MONTHS now...well, I was shocked and over-excited to see the label saying 'Clearance £3.50' on The 'All' Set, which was the main one I wanted, and was previously £14!!! I could not believe my eyes. £3.50 for 3 GORGEOUS Soap and Glory make-up bags?!? The others were also on offer, but there was only 1 other type left, the less exciting of the lot.

I got the 3 set though :) and here they are, along with the Clear Here cleansing cloths...

Clear Here cleansing cloths: £4.50, Boots.

The 'All' Set: £3.50 (yes, THREE POUNDS AND FIFTY PENCE!!) from £14! Lotta love for Boots :)

The gorgeous interior lining, which is so pretty that I don't want to put any make-up in now, incase it leaks...!

The lining reads 'At Soap and Glory, we believe you shouldn't have to spend an arm and a leg to moisturize one.'...CUTE!

So impressed with my find :) Mum wants a set now! They are still £14 online, but check your local Boots store for clearance ;-)

I have just used one of the cleansing cloths, and my face is now all tingly, as says the label. I love Soap and Glory! Oh, and let's not start on the Christmas gifts...I could write all night! Amaze.

Are you a fan of S and G? What is your favourite product?



  1. I love how old school everything looks from this line!!
    I'm an official follower of your awesome blog and cant wait to read more!!

    check my blog out sometime -


  2. I adore this brand! I'm already eyeing up more products I want to review and adding their giftsets to my xmas list! :)
    Lucy x

  3. @Faye - I agree, their products always look retro and different, and I like their quirkyness with product names, descriptions etc :) Thank you for following and for the lovely comment :) I shall check out your blog now xx

  4. @Lucy - Agree also. I literally want EVERYTHING that they sell! I keep thinking 'wait til the sales after Christmas and get the gifts cheaper'...but I doubt I can wait that long :) Every time I go to Boots now I have a look. I love Not Just A Pretty Case, have you seen it yet? So cute! xx


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