Friday, 23 September 2011

More Additions To The Wish List :)

Hi All :)

Tonight I bring you another 'Wish List' post.
So, as I previously mentioned, last weekend I went shopping to Telford and saw LOADS I wanted, but had no money at the time. Below are a few of the things I saw...and a couple of others I have discovered since :)

I am going back to Telford this weekend, and as I have been paid I MAY buy some of the things on here, just not sure which yet!

So let's begin...

Skull Cape: £24.99, River Island
I was instantly attracted to this, it's very different (how I like!) and interesting! Mum wasn't quite as sure, but then liked it when she saw it on :) Not sure when I would wear it but I am sure I would make use over the colder months. Plus it would be perfect for at Download Festival with the skulls and general warmth and cosiness. If only it was out earlier in the year so I could have taken it to Download and worn late at night when temperatures got unbearably freezing!

Next up, a maxi skirt :) Both mine are black and straight. I have been after a coloured, floaty one for ages and RI have some really nice ones atm. This one is shimmery material. It actually says it is a medium length...but I am short, and it is long :-p

Shimmery Navy Maxi Skirt: £24.99, River Island 

and then some shoes :)

Glitter Peeptoe Platform: £24.99, New Look
I was drawn in by these in the shop. They are HUGE and ridiculously glittery! Rainbow glitter <3

Satin Platform Shoes: £24.99, New Look
I just liked these when I saw them, simple as :)

I also found a vest in Republic that was so cool :)

Crafted Ouija board 'I Love Badboys' vest.
I can't see this on the Republic site yet, so am unable to add a pic. I wasn't sure on it, at first I thought it was really cool, then I saw it said 'I Love Badboys' and thought hmm... we all do, but is it a bit tacky? I don't know, but the vest looks cool :)

However, when searching Republics website I spotted another 2 tops that I like...
Crafted Hell Yeah Vest Top

Crafted WTF Vest Top
I also love the colour of the models hair and want mine that colour :)
This one has slits all down the back and a few at the side, pretty cool, though I would have to wear a black vest underneath!

So, that is all for tonight. I may have some purchases to report on after this weekend :) Though I am on a strict budget this month, as I have my sister's 21st Birthday weekend to pay for!

Fun weekend ahead for me:

Sat: Ironbridge World Heritage 25th Anniversary Festival
Sun: Antiquity Vintage Fair
Little bit of retail therapy here and there ;-)
(tidying room tomorrow morning and moving things out in prep for carpet to be removed and new flooring put in before new bed arrival)

Hope you all have a fab weekend.


(Photos, other than my own, from New Look & Republic websites)


  1. Those shoes are cute! :)
    Lucy x

  2. I know...I tried them both again yesterday, but still didn't buy either!

    :) xx


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