Monday, 5 September 2011

Burberry Body - FREE Sample :)

Today I received a little white box at work. I wondered what I was, as I wasn't expecting any deliveries, so it was a nice surprise to open the box and see that it was the Burberry Body sample that I requested a few weeks back :)

The bottle is 4.5ml, which is quite generous. The bottle has a little rubber stopper in it, which, as I pulled it open I got a bit of the perfume on my fingers, so I am now sat here, sniffing my fingers lol :)

The smell is gorgeous! Burberry calls it a 'sensual and feminine fragrance for women'. It certainly is.

I may consider buying in the near future, when I have money. Though it will have to join the queue of perfumes I have on my wish list...

I am not sure if the free sample is still available, but from what I can see it looks to be, so go get! All you have to do is 'Like' Burberry's Facebook page, authorise the application, then request the sample.

Has anyone else got a free sample of Burberry Body? Or know of any similar offers on??



  1. That is an amazing little bottle for a free sample! only a teeny bit jealous! :)
    Claire x

    1. I know right :) It's cool that they did a mini version of the bottle, rather than the standard tester/sample tube xx

  2. Are you supposed to keep the little rubber stopper in there? I just bought a sample pack and one of them is missing the stopper. I'm wondering if I should bring it back.


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