Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Wants :)

Hello All :)

Tonight I wanted to share with you a few new products which are on my 'Wish List', which I sadly can't afford at the moment :(

Firstly, a new fragrance...Diesel Loverdose

I saw this in Boots yesterday and was attracted by the look of it, so I COVERED myself in it, before heading back to work.
At first I thought 'Oh Good Gosh, this is strong!!', and to be honest, I wasn't keen, then I saw a sign describing it as 'Liquorice Vanilla', ah...that would be it!
Throughout the afternoon back in the office the smell started to grow on me and I began to like it. Hours later I could still smell it and I think I like it :)
Go check it out! But don't judge on the immediate smell, give it chance to settle ;)

Next up:
Lime Crime Lip Noir Lipstick's


Described as 'Medium grey with lavender undertones' and looking cute in a 'different' way, I want! A few years back I bought a lilac Barry M lippie as I like to experiment with colours, and not many people would wear lilac lipstick. I got great reactions to it and I love it, I just haven't used it recently due to having purple hair now. The same applies with all my other light and dark purple lippies, including my MAC VV and WW lipsticks :( One of the bums of having purple hair! But the Chinchilla lipstick really reminds me of the Barry M one, but with a more grey look :)

and another Lime Crime Lip Noir Lipstick...

Black lipstick...Gothic? Glam? I don't know, but I have always wanted to try a proper black lipstick :)
(Photo's from Lime Crime)

Lime Crime can be purchased from Space NK for all you UK girlies :) I got my Lime Crime 'Countessa Fluorescent ' from the Space NK store in Chester.

Me sporting Countessa Fluorescent :) Excuse the shiny forehead!

What do you think of 'different/out-there' lip colours?


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