Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Another Haul...oops! *Pic Heavy*

Saturday I failed (once again!)...I had planned to have a day out in Ironbridge with my friend Aimee. I told myself 'no buying', except a cupcake from Queenie's <3

But, we ended up going to Telford Town Centre first, and I spent! I got carried away and spent more of my fast-disappearing savings :(

In denial, I stored my bags of shopping in my car boot, until last night, when I remembered they were in there and took them out. I was pretty horrified when I saw just how many bags there were :-|

and now I share with you, my haul:


Cosmetic Case, £4
Eyeshadow Quad, 50p(!)
Smurf Pants (I just had to!), £1.90

The Entertainer:
Play-Doh, £2. Me and Aimee had a moment of kidding around, we played ball, Aimee threw a frizbee at my head, we nearly got a telling off by the Store Manager, then we bought some Play-Doh :) Just for the smell! Mmmm...Play-Doh!
Nail Rock Silver/Mirrored Nail Wraps, £1!

Ardell Lashes, reduced from £6.50 to £3.99! (I used some glitzy Ardell lashes in Blackpool and was amazed by them!)
& Eyeko London Lips Gloss Trio...WIN! £4.99 from £19.50 <3

Jewellery box £1.49 (I later spotted this in Ironbridge boutique for £8!) & Retractable Blush Brush 99p (I already have a black one of these, which cost me a lot more!). 
For storing bits & pieces :) 

Disney: Wipes £1.99, Lipgloss £1.99, Eyeshadow Palette £3.99 & Disney/HK Nail Varnishes £1.99 each.

New Look: 
Vest with frilly back, £5 & Diamante Cross Ring, £2 (Both Half Price) 

Cute Tee, £15.99 
Diamante detail <3

and the one thing I treated myself to from the cute vintage boutique in Ironbridge... 
Wall plaque with white ribbon hanger, £9.50 <3

So that was my Saturday in haulage!!
If anyone has suggestions on helping shopping addiction, seriously, PLEASE let me know!

Hope you all enjoyed the weekend and are having a good week :)


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