Thursday, 18 August 2011

Laptop Issues...

I just want to post quickly (before my laptop overheats and shuts down, for the 7th time tonight!!) to say sorry for the lack of posts recently! My laptop is currently dying, overheating and shutting down without warning, which is frustrating, as you can imagine!! I only bought it a few months back :( Not impressed!. So, I have just managed to send another email to Dell to say the problem still persists and is now worse than ever. Hopefully it will get fixed, it just means a complete inconvenience, as I will now have to send it off (after removing ALL my files!), and wait for it to be fixed and returned home :(

I shall try and continue blogging as and when I can. I am sure Dad will love that I am going to be hogging the computer again :)

So, I hope to do some more posts ASAP, as I have LOADS to blog about!
For now, I will leave you with a bag that I spotted earlier tonight on ASOS...



UPDATE: My laptop shut down 4 more times whilst typing this!!

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