Friday, 26 August 2011

A 'V' Good Day :)

and so the story goes...

Me & my friend Kelly got in to work last Friday morning, neither of us planning on going to V Festival. Kelly's boyfriend was there with his friends, as seemed to be everyone else! With no plans for the weekend, and the knowledge that:

1. Kids in Glass Houses were there (one of our favourite bands!)
2. Bruno Mars was there (who Kelly really wanted to see again, after seeing just a few nights earlier!)
3. Lostprophets were there, Kelly had never seen them, and I saw them twice in 2007 and they were amazing!
So...we both mentioned wishing we were going, briefly discussed the prospect of buying tickets...then our hopes were crushed! There was just ONE single ticket left on sale...yes, one lonely ticket! Sadness set in :(

We considered our options, now desperate to go! Risk finding a tout there? Buy on Ebay and pray they arrive and are genuine?

Eventually we called a ticket broker with great feedback, and the deal was made, 2 tickets for Sunday at Weston Park :)

7am the next morning I was woken from my sleep on the sofa (I fell asleep there the night before!) by LOUD banging on the door, I wondered what was going on, then thought TICKETS!! So, in shame, I ran and answered the door, in the day before's clothes and make-up (gross!) and the tickets were in my hand!

The tickets were genuine, HURRAH!

So now, here is my little review and some photos (including OOTD) :)
Top: Dorothy Perkins
Leggings: New Look
Pumps: Primark
Necklace: Mikey
Bag: Primark
Floral headband: Primark

17 Skin Perfecting Shine Free Foundation 'Natural'
Tesco 'Barbara Daly' One Step Powder Foundation 'Soft Beige'
Accessorize Blush 'Diva'
Collection 2000 Lasting Colour 'Bubblegum' Lipstick
(I can't remember what) Eyeshadow...just a black one!
Accessorize Collagen Mascara 'Black'
Barry M Waterproof Eyeliner
Hair extensions, Headkandy <3 These are still curled from months ago and I have wore them a few times since, without needing to re-curl! Pretty amazing :)

Main Stage when we first arrived :)

Ticket :)

Geek chic B-)

£2.50 Primark pumps, heaven sent!

FRONT ROW...Plan Barrier WIN!! For KIGH :)
Bracelets: Primark
I painted my nails as rushing to leave (excuse the mess and chipped'ness!)

Me doing some kinda duckface :) Very excited to be on the front row for KIGH <3


Bruno Mars...he was pretty amazing :) and the atmosphere and crowd singing was great!

Me & Kelly...Plan Barrier Part 2 WIN...Lostprophets :)

Wow, baggage :-\
Jesus bracelet and wristband, Download Festival

Jesus bracelets -|--- and the front row :)

I found a pink mini Sharpie on the floor and decided to draw :)

Lostprophets!!! Just as amazing as they were back in 2007 <3


We saw lots of other acts, but I don't want to go overload with the photos!
It was a great day and night :)

and when I got home I received a nice treat :) ...

Straight from Queenie's Cupcakery in Ironbridge <3

1 for me, 1 for dad :)


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