Friday, 12 August 2011

Recent Findings Part 1 :)

Friday is here, the weekend has begun, and I am finally getting round to doing another blog post! Yes, I am slacking a bit at the moment, a combination of being busy and that my laptop is overheating and shutting down constantly :( I have only had it a couple of months, so I am rather annoyed that I am now going to have to remove my thousand-or-so photos and send it back to Dell!!

As per usual I have also been busy struggling to battle my spending/shopping habit...
So, here I share some of my recent findings and purchases :) If you would like to know anything about any of the products, comment below.

Vo5 Miracle Concentrate Argan Oil, £5, Tesco. Smells lush <3

A little spree in Aberystwyth & Welshpool
 A couple of zebra stationery products :) and the rest...
£1, yes...ONE POUND! From Savers!

Eylure Lashfix eyelash glue, £2.19 from Savers!

Floral dress, £6 (Half Price) from Tesco :) Cute! I plan to buy the black and white polka dot one too.

and one of my FAVOURITE purchases of recent...
Collection 2000 Lasting Colour #6 Bubblegum, Barbie-tastic lipstick <3
 With lights on (above) and in natural light below
<3 It is much pinker in the flesh :)

In other news...I have FINALLY registered my Superdrug card online, as I've been giving it some use recently :) and talking of Boots Advantage Card has sadly passed away from much abuse (in the form of using it so much!!). I tried to collect some points both yesterday and today but was told the chip was worn and I need a new card! Thankfully my points will be transferred, I just have to phone up for a new card, which is a slight pain but hey ho :)

Gotta love points hey girls ;-)

Happy Weekend!!


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