Monday, 26 September 2011

Weekend Hauling :)

So, I've posted my Weekend in for the haul :)
After last weekend's shopping trip with no money, and since being paid now, I did a bit of shopping this weekend :)

Telford Spree:

Home Bargains:

Masks for Donna's Birthday Weekend :) We plan to wear these at Alton Towers, and at random moments throughout the weekend, haha. £1.29 each.

Muslin Cloth: 69p(?).
Face Mattifying Paper: 99p(?), I paid £5 for some of these recently!
Sponge (for nail art): 39p.
Barbie Purse: £1.25(!).
Bedroom Plaque: £1.99(?).

(These next few have rotated and wont go back :-\ Cue head tilt, haha)

I found this Barbie purse just on a shelf on it's own, so I grabbed it, took it to the till, asked how much it was...£1.25!!! BARGAIN BARBIE <3


The Batiste was on offer at the till for £1.45!
Cuticle sticks: 99p.
Conditioning Cuticle Cream: £1.99(?).


 The Comforter, a present for Donna's Birthday, and some facial scrub, as I just finished my Herbalism (1 day after the 'use by' date...)

I was very impressed with Herbalism, and would recommend, especially if you suffer from oily skin! However, I wanted to try something different this time, so I went for Angels on Bare Skin :)

Angels on Bare Skin: £5.95.


The Beatles tee, as mentioned in my recent post :) : £22.


Ouija vest, as mentioned in one of my recent posts :)
I had a panic, as I couldn't see it anywhere, then I found one on the sale rail, £10 from £16.99, even better! It was only a six 6 though...BUT, they are baggy tops, so all was well and I got it, yay!

Not my usual size :-p


Rebellion Men's Fragrance: £4.

Men's fragrance for Dad :) Smells really nice!

Shimmer Blush Hearts, just £1. I will swatch these soon ;-)

Shimmer Blush Hearts: £1.

The infamous fleece bottoms :) Finally got me some! £5. I also plan to buy the light grey pair!

Just some standard leggings: £2.50 & £3.

Random vests: £3 (2-pack) & £2.

I am not 100% sure of some of the prices and have lost the receipts in my room, but I have put what I think they cost :)

Did you haul this weekend?



  1. Ooo you got some lovely stuff. I have a massive love for home bargains they always deliver!


  2. Thanks for your comment :) I know, they are great for little finds like these!



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