Tuesday, 7 February 2012

A Snowy Sunday Shop :)

On Sunday I was bored, I had spent the WHOLE of Saturday at home, due to snow, ice, cold and my car being well and truly frozen over, so I needed to get out the house!
As always, couldn't think of anything to do (other than go sledging up the hills but my friends were all being lame!), so I went shopping in Telford!

After a couple of hours of wandering round the shopping centre and going to shops a few times, trying to stop myself from buying shoes and perfume (as I now have LOADS I would like!), I got bored and headed back to my hometown, then went out for a nice roast dinner with the lads and some Diet Coke's at various country pubs during our drive round Shropshire!

Enough rambling,
Whilst shopping, I treated myself to a few things with the last bits of my funds for this month, here's what I got:

Went to That's Entertainment, found some AWESOME CD's that I have wanted for ages, for just £2.99 each or 2 for £5! I got these 2 for now but have more to get next time :)
I enjoyed my drive home, blasting/singing out loud to Crazy Crazy Nights and God Gave Rock and Roll to You :) :)


Floral skull scarf £4
I wore this for about 3 hours Sunday eve before covering it in gravy and veg, as I had a disaster in the pub :-/ Oops!

The 'Geek Glasses' Wayfarers B-)
£1, total bargain!

I HAD to get this...
Retro Fiat 500's, half black and white/half colour, a 500 the same colour as mine and just so cute with the flowers and everything :)
£4 for set of 3!

These are so random, I know! But they were £3 from £12 and caught my eye, I thought 'do I like them??' they are nice in a funny 'could work' kinda way...
Glitter Brogues :)


Woven bracelets £1.50 from £8.50
I wanted and nearly bought the next 2 items when they were full price!
Bracelet £1.50 from £12.50
Ring £1.50 from £10


My usual powder in shade 005 'Silky Beige', needed some more!

and I picked up the Benefit's Spring catalogue in Debenhams :)

Finally, a few geeky photos of me in my new Wayfarers B-)

I hope you all had a good weekend and have had a good start to the week :)



  1. Wish we had the snow - we usually get it first as well!!
    You got so much lovely stuff - especially love the scarf!!

    1. We didn't get as much as most places seemed to, but enough for it to be a complete pain! It's nice at first, then it just becomes a bit inconvenient! All clear here now though, just ridiculous amounts of fog :-/

      Thank you :) I love it too, they also have it in a nude-ish kinda colour ;) I was so annoyed when I spilled my food all down it haha, gravy and veg slipped right off my plate, all over the scarf :( It's been washed now though and is all good, phew!


  2. I really really want the ring <3 HP scar glitterfied :)

    1. Haha, it took me a minute to work out what you meant by HP scar glitterfied :-p

  3. Heya:) Your items look great - got some amazing bargains, (love the ring and scarf!) Great blog!
    Hollie xox

    p.s so jel of the fact you have a fiat 500, can't wait till I pass:(

    1. Hi :) Thanks, I'm good at finding little bargains, a bit too good sometimes though, haha!
      Thank you :)
      I love my little 500! Driving is so much fun, and gives you such freedom! I can't imagine not driving now!

  4. the topshop bracelet looks sooo amazing. I am sooo jelaous. if you want to sell it one day please let me know ;) i fell in love with it but its not available on the website :(

    1. :) I will let you know if I ever decide to sell it! Have you tried instore?

  5. Those glasses are bloody amazing!! <3 xoxo


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