Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Hair Story Part 2: Going Blonde With Schwarzkopf Live Color XXL 00B Max Blonde

Part 2 of my Hair Story is finally here, this took a while, I know. Life!

In Part 3, I am going to go through my blue/purple-pink hair, aka Mermaid/Download hair. The look that I chose for this years Download Festival.

Before creating my Mermaid/Download hair, I pre-lightened my peachy-blonde hair (the result of using ColourB4 to strip out the faded reddish-brown shade, which was previously Schwarzkopf Red Berry Passion), to ensure that I got the brightest blue and pink that I could and to cover up the dark roots.
I have used many of Schwarzkopf's hair colors over the years and have always been impressed, so I decided to try their Live Color XXL 00B Max Blonde hair colour to pre-lighten my hair.
I bought a box of Schwarzkopf Live Color XXL 00B Max Blonde, yes, just 1 box. I later regretted this. 1 box was not enough for my long hair.
The dye was quite difficult to put through my hair, as it is very dry and powdery.
The end result was a bit of a shock,the roots had taken the dye, but the majority of my hair hadn’t.
I was left with a patchy ‘Racoon’ look. My fault for only using 1 box of dye.
I kept my hair like this the following day, before buying another box. Weirdly, I received compliments on the Racoon hair.
That night, my sister put the second box of Max Blonde on my hair.
The end result was very bright, slightly yellow-toned blonde.
I kept my hair blonde for the next day, before adding a blue streak that night night, as I wanted to try out Schwarzkopf Live Color XXL Electric Blue, before going for the full head.
Once I got it right and used the correct amount of dye, Max Blonde worked perfectly to achieve the result that I wanted. I was really impressed at how well and how bright it lightened my hair.
I am considering using Max Blonde again soon, as I want to pre-lighten my hair and try to even out my roots.

Stay tuned for my post about the blue and purple-pink Mermaid/Download hair.

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