Monday, 12 August 2013

Hair Story Part 1: A Whole Lotta Colour

Wow, my hair has changed a lot between June and August!

I’ve always been a fan of hair colour and being someone who gets bored easily and loves to experiment, at-home DIY hair colouring provides me with a lot of fun!

Earlier this year, Schwarzkopf kindly sent me 2 of their new shades from the Live Color XXL Ultra Brights range, Electric Blue and Shocking Pink. I was super-excited to have received these before they were even available in shops, but I had to hold back on using them, due to an important business meeting with work! I just wanted to get the colours on my locks!

So, it was June and Download Festival was fast approaching. I decided that I would use the dyes to create my ‘Download Hair’ of 2013. Last year, I had faded purple hair, a result of Schwarzkopf Cyber Purple fade-out, this year...I had blue and purple-pink mermaid hair, yay! Since then, my hair has continued to change, as you can see from my collage! Though a lot of these shades are results of hair colour fade-out. I love a good fade-out! I'm going to do a whole series of My Hair Story posts, featuring each of the main colours, what products I used and how I achieved them. My Hair Story will continue with a post on my ‘Mermaid/Download Hair’, so stay tuned for that.

I'd love to hear from fellow hair colour lovers!
Are you daring with hair colour?
What is your favourite colour?
At home DIY colouring, or done by salon pro's?


Disclaimer: Schwarzkopf kindly sent me 1 box of Electric Blue and 1 box of Shocking Pink, from their Live Color XXL Ultra Brights range, for review. I have always loved the brand and have blogged about them many times. My post on their Raspberry Rebel shade has received over 12,000 hits to date, for which I am very grateful and happy. I also used a box of Colour B4 (from Medichem), which was also sent to me some time ago, as a thank you for the review that I did on Colour B4.
As always, all opinions are 100% honest and my own. I would highly recommend both Schwarzkopf and Colour B4 and rave about these on my blog, on Twitter and away from the internet, to friends, family, bloggers and others!


  1. Love your hair, sooo pretty! I am so boring with my hair colour!

    Lorraine xx

    1. Thank you :) I am the opposite, I'm always experimenting. I get bored too easily! x

  2. Your hair looks great any colour! It's so long and healthy looking (am jealous!). I wish I could be a bit more experimental with my hair but I stick to the same boring thing each time haha!

    Scarlett x

    1. Thank you!! :) A lot of people have said that to me. I'm not sure I'd ever dye my hair black again though, I did that it 2007/8 and when I look back at photos it looks awful! Then again, my hair was short, really straight and my make-up was rubbish, so maybe now it'd look better! Nightmare to get out though. It's addictive, I get bored easily and have all these ideas of colours that I want to try :) x

  3. Wow you're hair has gone through some change. What's next Zoe?!

    1. I know! All in such a short space of time too! Since posting this, I have dyed my hair purple, using Schwarzkopf's Live Color XXL Purple Punk and it's now faded, so I have pastel purple-pink hair again! I'll be blogging about this very soon :) x

  4. this sounds like me last year! I went every colour of the rainbow! i had a rainbow of pink purple and blue at one stage which was awesome, i looked like a rainbow!

    I'm doing a giveaway at the moment on my blog! Mac, OPI & Sleek! Please check it out :D


    1. Awesome! Rainbow hair is amazing :) I want to try so many colours and looks! I've seen photos of full-on rainbow hair and would love to try that, but it must be so tricky to create! x


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