Thursday, 4 July 2013

I've Been Away A While...

Hello All
(or whoever is still reading my blog, after the closure of Google Reader!)

It has been over a month since my last blog post and boy, oh boy, the past month has been crazy!

I have so much to talk about, as always. So expect to see a lot more posts coming up.

I have 5 days off work, starting tomorrow, as part of my Birthweek celebrations. Yes, on Monday 8th, I turn 26 years young! And in my usual style, I'm going all-out on the celebrations!

Tonight, I am going to Wolverhampton, for a few drinks at The Giffard Arms, with my lovely sister. I love The Giff, it's an awesome 'rock pub', similar to my favourite hometown pub, The Yorkshire House, except The Giff is larger, with 2 floors, a beer garden and a 2 dancefloors (and an awesome gothic chair!).

Friday - Alton Towers with my sister, then home, quick change and off to Aberystwyth, for a night of camping, sunset on the beach and drinks, with 3 of my good lad mates

Saturday - Day at the seaside in Aber, then a meal and drinks with friends in the evening

Sunday - LONDON!!!

Monday - LONDON!!! Yes, I will be waking up in London on my actual birthday - way too excited about this!

Tuesday - Chill out day, lunch, cupcake catch-up with my bestest in the lovely Ironbridge, then cinema to see Now You See Me

(This is a joke between a couple of friends and I, FYI)

Anywhoooo, enough of the over-excited rambling...

Here's a bit of what I've been up to since my last post:

I went blonde (for a couple of days)

I became a mermaid (well, almost...)

I finally got to see BON JOVI live, supported by one of my favourite bands, Kids in Glass Houses

I rocked out at Download Festival

I met some awesome people!

I took my parents away for mum's birthday and a late Father's Day treat, to New Brighton and Liverpool for a night and 2 days

I bought some new Jeffrey Campbell boots!

I've shared some hilarious times with great friends

I had a lovely day out at Dudley Zoo and Castle

I've shopped, oh man, have I shopped!
 (This is my Liverpool haul - going to Liverpool on payday was a bad idea!)

and I've been working out at the gym

In the space of a month, I've lost half a stone, my blood pressure has dropped and my resting heart beat has lowered. My water intake was low, but my assessment was the day after I came home from Download...

That's enough from me for now, massive ramble there!
Life is good and I'm just really happy :)



  1. Well done on the weightloss. Love the jcs and your hair WOW X

    1. Thank you :D The JC's were £50 from £130, absolute bargain!!! Thanks :) I tried to strip the colours out, but it seems that blue doesn't shift easily! x

  2. Literally love your mermaid hair! So glad life iss good and you are all happy:)))

    Well done on the weightloss toooo!!!

    Lots of love,
    Em xx

    1. THANK YOU!!! Your comment made me smile :) I've only just seen it, as I haven't been on my blog since! Hope you are well :) xx


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