Sunday, 26 May 2013

Escentual #MicellarBlindTrial

Micellar water has become a big thing in beauty recently. It cleanses, removes make-up, unclogs pores and so much more.

I've been using up small samples from various brands and I was on the search for a good micellar water to order a full-size bottle of! So, I was really excited when I received an email from Escentual, asking if I would like to take part in their 14 day #MicellarBlindTrial. I jumped at the chance!

100 people were selected and we all received 7 generous 20ml dropper bottles of micellar water, from 7 different brands...
We do not know which is which! The bottles are simply labelled Sample A - Sample G.
How exciting?!
The brands in this trial are Dior, Caudalie, Bioderma, Nuxe, La Roche-Posay, Vichy and Avène.
I think that this is a fantastic idea and I am really excited to have been a part of the trial.
I haven't seen dropper bottles since school, this feels like a fun science experiment!

Last year, I received Taaj micellar water in one of my old beauty boxes and that stuff was great!

I found the majority of the micellar waters nice to use, except for one...

Sample B -Well, this caused me some problems! My skin flared up, went red, blotchy and a load of spots appeared, almost immediately. This may sound stupid, but after a few days break, using different micellar waters (which helped my skin recover), I decided to return to Sample B, just to check! The result, immediate bad skin, again. Confirming that it was Sample B. When I told my mum, she had a stress. I've always had sensitive skin, so the very perfumed Sample B did not go well with my skin! My sister and friend even commented a couple of times on my 'blotchy' skin. One of my sister's comments was "You haven't had spots like that in years! Eurgh!". Charming, I know. But that is how bad my skin reacted!

I have now submitted my results, via Escentual's very tough survey. It was difficult to choose a favourite, but Sample C definitely stood out to me, as it really helped to soothe, calm and cleanse my skin, particularly after my incident with Sample B. Sample C was a bit of a saviour. I would probably try all the micellar waters again, bar Sample B. Though some were quite drying. Sample A had a strong scent, which I read a lot of people were not fond of, but it was quite nice, in my opinion. All others (apart from the highly perfumed Sample B) had quite nice, refreshing scents, some almost unscented.

Thank you to Escentual, for giving us this opportunity.
I look forward to the reveal of what brands were which samples.

Have you tried micellar water?
Any recommendations?



  1. I can't wait for the brand names to come through. Sometimes I think it's the name that sells and not the product. Ingenious idea!


    1. I'm so excited to find out! Yes, I definitely agree xx

  2. Great blog, so I'm a new follower on GFC =)


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