Thursday, 16 June 2011

Sunburn & Spree'ing

Tonight I made a last minute dash to Telford late-night shopping, for a hat...
Tomorrow I shall blog about my 'spree', which did not include said hat that I went for!
Here's a sneak peak...

So, Download Festival was AMAZING (blog post coming soon!). BUT non-stop rain Sunday forcing us to abandon tents, sleeping bags and shoes and come home a night early was a bit of a nightmare! Then there's the sunburn from Friday and Saturday...well, what can I say except OUCH!!

I won't even post the photo of my sunburnt face because it is horrid! I'm pretty worried about the sun spots I have on my face and shoulders :-(

I did cover myself in sun protection spray on Saturday, whilst being in the Main Arena field for the whole day, but Friday when we were hauling things the few miles between the car park and the camp site, then sitting outside the tent, I did not have any on, as it seemed dull but clearly that's when the sun gets you! I wish I'd put some on now...

I bought a new sun protection to take to Download, Nivea Sun Invisible Protection spray, which I got for £6.88, which is cheap for sun protection nowadays! I can't really judge whether it works as I had already burnt before using it. It smells quite nice though, and isn't really greasy, absorbs well and is easy to use.
(excuse the squint, the sun was in my eyes, I was hot and bothered and burning!)

I use Factor 50 as I am very fair skinned, and burn in even the slightest sun :-( I read this week that Demi Moore apparently applies sun protection everyday to protect her skin from harmful, skin-ageing sun rays...I am considering this. Especially now, seeing how damaged my skin is just from 2 days. In my current state I am peeling on both shoulders (one shoulder has completely peeled!) and my scalp is peeling (so I look like I have dandruff!) and tonight my lower arms have started! My nose is also peeling and very sore. I could cry right now, this is horrible!

I am not a sun-worshiper and actually like being fair skinned and think it should be embraced :) There's nothing wrong with being tanned (as long as you do it safely but don't end up tangoed or like Jordan's current 'Ronseal' wood stain colour!), but I myself am quite happy being fair, I just need to start being more protective over my skin!!

Does anyone have any advice on stopping/treating peeling skin following sunburn???

Oh yes, and my sister re-did the purple hair again the night before we went to Download and I think this is the best shade it has come out so far! <3 And although it seems to be running out in every wash and staining towels still, after 1 week it is still looking just as purple!!

Friday's almost the weekend ladies :) Who is excited? I know I am...KINGS OF LEON!!!


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