Sunday, 5 June 2011

Weekend Part 2: The Wedding, OOTD&N & Miss Sporty Nails

As I previously mentioned, it was my cousin Nick's wedding yesterday. Beautiful day, ceremony and dress worn by the bride, Jo.

And here's my outfit:


And the best part...THE SHOES!!

These beauties were from New Look (£29.99) and I must say, they were pretty comfy! I managed to wear them throughout the wedding AND reception, then into town afterwards (with a mere 10 minutes taking them off at home whilst changing outfits to go to town!). Considering the heel height of just over 5 inches they were very comfy and only started to hurt my feet towards to later part of the evening! And luckily there were no ankle sprains at the wedding, considering the outside of the venue was all pebble stone paths and grass for all the women to have to totter on!!

After a fun taxi drive home with my sister and cousin Matt in a taxi blasting Black Stone Cherry out loud <3 we had 10 minutes before the next taxi arrived to take us into town. I changed out of my dress and was going to relieve my feet but decided I just couldn't wear flats, so the heels went back on!
I slipped my hair up in a messy do for town as it was so hot and my hair has gone slightly kinky for the days heat! I don't usually wear my hair up, but clearly need to more often as I didn't get ID'd anywhere!! and I usually do! (I have a round, young face!!).

Today I made a quick 30 minutes dash to town before the shops shut, in search of Black Stone Cherry's new album (that the taxi driver had on!) BUT it was sold out :( I did manage to get Avenged Sevenfold's latest album though, along with My Chemical Romance's as they were 2 for £10 at HMV! Gave them both a listen on my trip up to Lyth Hill afterwards where I decided to go for a walk, much needed exercise!!

Here's a panoramic pic from Lyth Hill :)

and one taken in my car wing mirror (just coz I thought it looked cool ;) )

I also want to share with you a nail varnish I have fallen in LOVE with...
I put this on today as it was in my 'box of products I haven't used yet!' and think it is a beautiful colour <3

Nail varnish is by Miss Sporty, it doesn't have a name on the bottle but it is part of the Clubbing Colors range ;) They retail at £1.99 but I think I got this from Boots on 2 for £3!! BARGAIN!
The brush is fantastic, easy to use and tidy! The varnish dries in no time and the finish is lovely! I am just in love with this product!!

So, there's my weekend in a blog ;)
Hope you have all had a lovely weekend!
Back to work tomorrow, but only for 3 days before I head off to Download :):):)



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  2. Hi. Thank you :) I will check out your blog when I have a spare moment xXx

  3. This was a great read. Really enjoyed it! Love your wedding shoes! xx

  4. Aww...thank you Grace :) xXx


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