Tuesday, 19 July 2011

I'm Back :) YAY!

Hello All :)

Ah, it feels so good to be back!! We were internet-less for the past few weeks/month, and it was HORRIBLE!! But now the internet is fixed, and I am back to blog *smiles*.

So, I have LOADS to blog about, I have been up to lots since my last post; lots of city days out, a week off work, Wakestock Festival, MY BIRTHDAY, Blackpool and, of course, lots of shopping!! So I have plenty to share :)

After a busy month I am very pretty poor now :( day is just days away, joy!

For tonight I will leave you with 2 pairs of shoes which I have discovered today (in my 'poor/waiting for pay day' mood, when I always seem to online 'window' shop in desperation!).

Firstly, I opened an email from Schuh and saw a wonder of blue sparkliness and great height...
These beauties are £65. Click the photo to go to the website :)

and secondly...I had a random look on Harrods website, and on the homepage came a selection of Kurt Geiger's latest shoes, OH WOW!
So I kinda fell in love with these...
These are (sadly!) £150, which I am trying to justify in my head and tempt myself BUT I just can not afford such price with my car and bills to pay for :( I live in hope these will be in the sale in January...
Click the photo to go to the website :)

So, that's all for tonight ladies. I hope you are all fantastic :)



  1. Welcome back!! And wow those blue shoes are amazing!! x

  2. The blue shoes are gorgeous!


  3. Thanks for all the comments ladies :)

    I am seriously considering a trip to Birmingham or Liverpool, maybe even Manchester at the weekend in search of the blue ones! We have no Schuh stores anywhere nearer to Shrewsbury :( and I want to go try them for size/comfort, and see if they are as amazing (if not more!) in person :)

    If you like shoes, check out my next post for exciting news <3



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