Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Vaseline, Nails & a DVD :)

Second post of the day, but I just wanted to share today's findings:

My sister and I popped to Boots 'for a look'...which 90% of the time ends up with us both purchasing things, even if we didn't plan to!

But today I couldn't resist when I saw Vaseline body products at HALF PRICE!!

I've wanted to try all these for a long time, and as they were so cheap I got all 4. I have yet to try, but they smell yummy!

I also got a CUTE face cloth (above), which was £1.99.

Vaseline Aloe Fresh Moisturising Body Gel 200ml now £2.49
Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe Fresh Body Lotion 200ml now £1.35     
Vaseline Cocoa Butter Gel Body Oil 200ml now £2.44
Vaseline Conditioning Cocoa Butter Lotion 200ml now £1.76

 Bargain! These are also half price on Boots website.


I also thought I would show today's nails, as the girl at the till in Boots said she really liked the colour :) I like when people compliment/comment on things :)

The nail varnish is from Miss Sporty Clubbing Colors collection, it has no name, but it'd be easy to find. These are really cheap, but great quality! and the brushes are a great size, tidy and so nice to use.


Now, the next thing is totally off-topic in terms of beauty/fashion etc...but today my order arrived...

Chapter 27, the story of Mark Chapman and the murder of John Lennon.

I bought this DVD as I have always wanted to watch this, and I got it for just £3.73, free delivery! I was on to pre-order Kids in Glass Houses new album, In Gold Blood, which I still have to wait a few weeks for the release :( But I shall have a lovely, gold signed, limited edition copy, woo!
Now, the reason I wanted to watch this so much is the star of the film, Jared Leto <3 I love him! Look up 'amazing' in the dictionary and I'm sure he would come up in there ;-) Great actor, great musician (30 Seconds to Mars) and absolutely STUNNING! Even at almost 40 years old! Ahhhh :)
This is the movie he put on LOADS of weight for, and became almost unrecognisable!

Anyway, reading the back of the box, I am now really excited to watch it, intrigued by the story. So, I hope it's good! Lindsay Lohan is the leading lady though, unfortunately...So who knows!

That's all for tonight, I am now going to go paint my nails (again!) and get some sleep, work in 7 and a half hours...



  1. My absolute fav is the vasaline aloe gel, absorbs so fast, non greasy and smells great. I love the stuff! x

  2. I tried the Aloe Vera one that night and YUM! I agree with your comments :) I have yet to try the other ones though! x


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