Saturday, 23 June 2012

I'm Back and I've Been Shopping...

I'm back!
It's been so long.

Quick apology - I lost my blogging mojo/have been so busy and suffering PFD (Post Festival Depression!).
Download was so much fun.
- I may do a post on the festival and my outfits!

Anyway, I am now back!
Hello :)

Thank you for all your comments left whilst I was away, I've read and replied to all today.
(^Poet and I didn't know it^)

So I went shopping today, suffering from last night's antics. I blame that for the spending that commenced in Telford today.

Here be my haul:

You know you've been bad when...

Bracelet £4.25 (Half Price), Dorothy Perkins 

Rise Against CD's 2 for £10, HMV
- because they were AMAZING at Download and I now LOVE them :)

Barry M new polishes in Silver Multi Glitter (338) and Pink Silver Glitter (337) £2.99 each
All in One basecoat, topcoat and nail hardener £2.99
FREE nail paint in Retro Purple (free when spending over £6)
- I then realised I got this one last week, doh! This will go to mum or Donna.
^All above from Boots^

Technic glitter in Party Pink 99p, Bodycare
- Because a girl can never have TOO MANY nail polishes...

A bit of a naughty purchase, Benefit 'That Gal' £21, Debenhams

Picked up the Benefit book to help me with my birthday list :)

Dolly Rocker candle £8.99, Smart Ideas
- wanted this SO long.

I hope you are all well and having a good weekend :)



  1. I love Rise Against! Great haul x

    1. Me too :) I liked them before Download but never really listened to them much but they were so good there, I can't get enough now!
      Thanks :)


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