Monday, 23 April 2012

Birmingham Haul

Hello Lovelies :)

A few weeks ago I went to Birmingham for a Thursday night away with my friend. Jo.
We planned to go check out the Selfridges Girls Night In event, but it didn't seem to be on :-( No treatments, no champagne and no cupcakes!
Anyway, we had a shop, ate a Nando's, then had a girly night out, followed by a little more shopping/browsing the following day.

We had fun :)

I treated myself to a few bits whilst in Birmingham...


Excuse edge of bed!

My Little Pony Tee £6
Neon Yellow Top £5
Car Print Crop £6
You can see how I style the MLP and neon tops here :)

Nail Polishes in Holiday Fun (neon purple) and Magnetic (silver/rainbow glitter) £2.50 each
- I saw these on Lucy's blog a while ago and was excited to find the Angelica stand in Birmingham Primark :) So much choice! I have yet to use these, as I kinda forgot about them...I just got them out the bag and the purple was drying up :-/ So we'll see how they are and I'll report back to you all!

Urban Outfitters:

Nail Polish in Twinkie £6
(Review on this soon! On first try I would not recommend, sadly! But I am going to give it a second chance...)


MAC Creme Cup Lipstick £13.50
- I actually bought a MAC lipstick that isn't a Limited Edition/Collection one!
Yes, another MAC lipstick :)


Nicki Minaj 'Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded' CD £10

River Island:

NYX Nail Polish (yes, more nail polish!) in NPS139 Precious Gems £4.50

and I just HAD to have this when I saw it...

Mermaid blouse £25
I LOVE all things mermaid and this is beautiful!

I also picked up some random bits from the Spar!
Kerrang, just because.
Rainbow Drops, going back to childhood!
and WKD, going back to the early drinking days...hey, we needed some cheap pre-drinks!

I may aswell add this here, as it's not had a post to fit in to...

I got this blouse from Asda a few weeks back, just before Birmingham.
I saw it weeks earlier but wasn't 100% sure but waiting paid off, reduced to £5, had to get it!
Mum said she was horrified when she saw it hanging in my room but liked it on.
Here's how I styled it :)

I also picked up some of my usual purple hair dye, even though I'm still not decided on re-doing the purple yet...but it was on offer at £2.79 in Superdrug. The dye which I use is Schwarzkopf Live Color XXL 46 Cyber Purple. When my hair is dyed it looks something like this...

Not the faded out colour that it currently is!

But I am stuck on what to do...
Purple again, back to blonde, red, brown, ???


I still need to catch up on the lovely comments left on my previous posts but am currently in a rush to get ready for Lostprophets gig in Birmingham later! Well, I say later, Kelly is going to be at mine in 30 mins, AHHH!! Will catch up on comments tomorrow :)


(This post was live an hour or so ago, but I forgot my River Island purchases so had to edit!)


  1. I have the black Asda blouse I paired it with a mint pleated skirt from New Look. I'm so jealous! My friend seen Lostprophets the other day in Leeds :(

    1. That sounds cool :) Haha, I have seen them a handful of times now but I'm afraid last night was not the best :-/ Ian Watkins said pretty much nothing to the crowd, just sang one song after another, I believe I heard 'tonight', 'literally' and 'get home safe' or something like that. A bit lame really, a frontman should be chatty and hype the crowd but nope! Modestep were REAL good though :) xx

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  3. love this post!!

    ps im having a nail polish giveaway that id love you to check out :) xo

    1. Thank you :)
      Ooh, I will have a look! xx

  4. Love how you wore your new blouse, what a bargain too :o)

    Over on my blog I m having a give away, I would love for you to enter :o)


    1. Thanks :) I know, such a bargain!
      I'll check out your giveaway xx

  5. lovely blouse, can't believe it's ASDA! loving the purple too, deffo think you should go for that colour again!very pretty xx

    1. Thanks. I know, they have some nice things in Asda! It's near my work, so I often go there and see nice clothes. One of my lad mates said 'aren't you embarrassed to wear Asda clothes?!' I was like 'Pfft, no! Nothing wrong with it if it's stylish!' haha, clothes snob! xx

  6. That blouse is gorgeous, the clothes in my local Asda are sh*t to put it blunt. Wish it would up its game. The mermaid top is fab and ahhhhhh the My little pony top... i NEED it x x

    1. It's one of my fave purchases of recent! Haha, I find my Asda is the same most of the time, but on occassion there are the odd really nice things in! About 11 miles from me there is an actual George at Asda store, I need to go there soon as there's a few things I've seen on the website :D They've got a Barbie tee in now ;) Almost bought it yesterday but put it down, doh! xx


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