Tuesday, 3 April 2012

NOTD: Model's Own Hedkandi Beach Party

Today at work I was sporting some seriously crazy-bright nails!

Model's Own Hedkandi Beach Party polish.


Yes, it all started with Ibiza Mix last week and then at the weekend I couldn't resist and purchased another 4 Model's Own polishes, Hello New Obsession!
- I will post about my recent hauling very soon ;-)

I tried to take a photo with the flash on, but it came out like this...
Which further leads me to think this polish is very likely fluorescent...
- I hope it is, that would make it so much cooler than it already it :)
I may wear it on my night out in Birmingham Thursday and test it under the UV lights!

I can't explain how much I am loving these polishes, they are real stand-out showstoppers, great application, quick drying, just amazing and only £5 each (or 3 for 2 in Boots at the moment!)

I went in to work today, realising on my walk to work just HOW BRIGHT this polish was, which was confirmed when I took a drink in to the Directors meeting and their male visitor said 'wow, I like the nails!', followed by one of the Directors saying 'I was almost blinded then!', haha. See, showstopper!

I never thought much of orange nails before but this I love.

I was going to change my nails again tonight but had an idea to keep the Beach Party going a little longer and add a little something, which will be following this post in a few moments...

Do you have any of the Model's Own Hedkandi collection yet?
Do you plan on buying any?



  1. what an amazing polish, love love love
    liloo/@tsunimee xx

    1. It's great! Such a unique colour :)


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